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I'm so sorry.  My heart hurts for Sweet Spike & you.  Difficult decisions don't come easy but you've had the inner strength to see that Spike is out of his discomfort.  I'm sure he's at The Bridge & happy meeting his new pet family.  He thanks you from the bottom of his heart for loving & caring for him.  Heart



You know I think they would thank us if they could.  My cats have always been very proud and even the girls considered themselves invincible.  When in old age, the cats that I had which were able to get outside (the inside-outside cats) wanted to walk away into the wooded area, as feeble as they were.  That's when I knew it was time to pick them up and love them and take them to our favorite vet to be sent away into the happy kitty home at the Rainbow Bridge.

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@Sushismom -i'm so sorry.

I can't help crying which I know you are going to do many times too.

You saying he purred til the end, they just give love all their lives.

I felt like I was going thru it with you all over again. We lost our 20 year old girl before my birthday and I had to let her go too.

We all join each other here in these heartbreaks losing these precious best friends to us.

It is the hardest thing to go thru. 

The love our animals give us is really like no other.

I guess we are the very lucky humans who got to be with them. Only wish it was forever.

I believe we will be with them again.



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I'm a firm believer animals aren't stupid (I say this because some people make me mad when they call them "stupid" animals!) & they know when they're loved & cared for.  They thank us in many ways; i.e., kisses/licks, sit & cuddle with us, follow us, etc.  

So many of us make those difficult decisions as you mentioned.  It's heartbreaking but we need to think of them.  And, yes, The Bridge is their happy kitty home.  Thank you for having a good heart.

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@Sushismom   I'm so sorry for the sad goodbye you had to make to your Spike kitty.  Our fur kids rely on us to do the loving , right decisions for them, and it can be so heartbreaking.  Take care.