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I don't know of any breeders but I am sorry for the loss of your sweet golden.  I know you will make another dog very happy.  Best of luck.

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Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers.  I will definitely check out the suggestions you've made!

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I adore my rescue and she is beautiful!  Please consider opening your home and heart to a rescue dog that needs a home and love now...  You won't regret it...

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@megashopper   Sorry for your loss.


I too live in So. Joisey & looking to adopt a "young" Chihuahua hopefully by the first of the new year.

As you found out, So. Joisey shelters & rescues are virtually EMPTY! icon_exclaim.gifUnlike you, I am not willing to travel the tri state area.  I want to stay local.  I am in no rush.  I do want a Chi by Easter though. 

No "breeders" in my area either.  No "pet stores".  Illegal in my county or town.


However, in my search I ran across this shelter called "Match Dog Rescue."   They have a lot adult & puppy labs in need of rescues from time to time.  More coming in next week I believe.

Check out their website.



No Joisey shelters are overflowing.

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Re: Golden Retriever Puppy

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You said you wanted a puppy; however, along with looking at breeders suggested in my previous post, the Golden Retriever Club probably has a rescue, as well. 


I don't know how theirs work, but the club representing my breed of dogs takes out all their dogs in rescues and shelters and finds homes for them, so it's pretty impossible for me to get my breed from a shelter unless I'd hit it before the club removes them.  


Of course, you wouldn't know anything about these dogs.


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@megashopper  I am so sorry for your loss.  I too, lost my girl Friday and it is so devastating being without a dog.  Take your time to find the right golden for you.  He or she is waiting for you.

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@megashopper  Sorry for the loss of your furry buddy. The loss is tough and I sympathize with you.



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My heart goes out to you and I hope your plan for a new puppy works out. Have you contacted any of the Golden Retriever clubs in your state? Usually they can direct you to reputable breeders. Also, have you considered one of the Golden Retriever Rescue organizations? I've heard they will find a way to get a dog to you since they are so motivated to find a home for it. Good Luck!! You will find another baby to fill your heart soon!!!

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I'm so sorry for your loss.  Is there a Golden Rescue group in your area?  I would contact them first as they probably have information that would help you.  And maybe there is an adult Golden who needs a good home.  Good Luck!  

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@megashopper   I lost my female Golden age 10 last March to liver cancer. Ten is a common age for goldens to start getting cancer. Sorry for your loss. I miss my Lola everyday😢