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This!  I came on the board years ago looking for a glucosamine supplement for our 14-pound Boston terrier.  A kind poster recommended this product, and it has been a godsend.  You start out using a higher dosage for several weeks and then you cut back to a normal dosage.  Our baby gets half of a chew a day.  They are more crumbly than chewy, so we end up crumbling them on her food, but she loves them...and she is PICKY.  If considering this product, you need to buy this exact one.  Make sure it says professional line.  We get it on Amazon.

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Have you considered a liquid and administering by syringe?

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Re: Glucosamine for dogs

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I use Glycofex, they have 3 different stages, also chews,they all have green lipid mussel  in them ,good gor joint problems.

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