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Ginger’s New Toy

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Our dog, Ginger, loves toys with a long hot dog like shape. She chewed up her old stuffed toy so I started looking for a replacement recently. I looked at several local stores, but I couldn't find a furry stuffed one with the correct shape so I bought a rubber version. I wasn't sure she would like the texture of it. 

Oh, my! She absolutely loves it! She carries it in her mouth around the house. She carries it when she goes outside in the backyard. She carries it to her bed at night. She even wants to carry it on her walks. She brings it with her when she eats her kibble. It's always next to her when it's not in her mouth. Unlike her stuffed toys, she's not trying to chew or rip this one at all. She licks it and sniffs it from time to time. 


I did some research, and she may be treating the toy like her puppy. Interesting. She never had puppies of her own. The Humane Society spayed her when she was surrendered and before we adopted her. 

Would love to see photos of your pets with their favorite toys. Hugs to all the pets out there and the people who love them! 


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I have no experience with dogs, but wanted to tell you how beautiful Ginger is.  She has a sweet face and I love that she loves her new toy.


I know having her around must be a joy. 


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Ginger is so cute 🥰 

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@wilma Oh my stars and bars, she is just adorable and love her toy! Thanks for sharing.

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How sweet, Ginger is beautiful!  Her "baby" is cute too.

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Ginger, you are cuteness overload!  Sending you hugs sweetie!  

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@wilma Very good looking pup, and picture of health.

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@wilma   Ginger is adorable and so photogenic.  Sending belly rubs and hugs her way. 

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Aw..Ginger's a cutie!



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Re: Ginger’s New Toy

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Ginger is such a pretty girl,bless her heart. Stock up on them,never know if they keep making them,

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