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My last remaining Yorkie passed away a few months ago.  I was blessed because she lived to just a few months short of her 21st birthday.    Until her final few months, she was very healthy and enjoyed a wonderful life.  My other Yorkie, who wasn't from the same litter, passed away a few years earlier at the age of 18.  


Yorkies have always been my breed of choice and I honestly don't think I would want any other breed.


The dilemma my husband and I are going through is whether or not we should get another dog.    While we aren't elderly we still aren't spring chickens.   Neither one of us has any remaining family that we would even consider letting adopt our dog or dogs in the event that we could not care for them or in the event of our deaths.  


I admit I was always fanatic about my dogs.  My dogs were never out of my sight.   I worked for years in the veterinary field and saw many cases of dogs not being cared for properly or allowed to run loose with the tragic outcome of being hit and killed by a car.


Throughout my many years in a veterinary clinic, I often spoke to many older people who would tell me that once their current dog passed away they would not be getting another one.

Their fear was that they would pass away and have no one to care for their dog.  That always made me feel sad because I thought in their later years they most likely needed a dog for company more than when they were younger.  Now my husband and I are facing the same issue. 


 We have 2 guinea pigs and a canary who we love very much.   However, both of these species are not known for extreme longevity.   Although I will say that my last canary lived to be almost 14 years old and my guinea pigs throughout the years have lived longer than the average life span.  Given past history, another Yorkie pup could conceivably live 15 to 20 years and I'm not sure that either my husband and I have that much time left.   Although, I hope we do.   


I was talking to my hairdresser the other day and telling her our dilemma and she laughed and said your pets do live longer than any pets from my other clients.  You certainly do well by them.  


So I guess my question is for those who are senior citizens do you have a contingency plan for your pets in the event of your death or have you decided that once your current dog passes away you will not be getting another one?


I know that several people have mentioned adopting an older Yorkie and that is always an option but to be honest I'm not sure if I could get as attached to an older dog as I did to a pup.   My husband thinks once we bring an older dog into our home we would love it just as much as a dog that we raised from puppyhood.


At this stage, I'm still considering my options but I thought I'd reach out for any suggestions and advice from fellow dog lovers.






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My husband has put together a pet trust for our will, so the dogs will be well provided for. Our attorney is a dog lover and has insured us as our executor they will be taken care of. I am sure she will take them herself, as she is such a dog lover.  Check out pet trusts.

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I agree with your husband.  Get an older rescue dog and enjoy!



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@J Town Girl  You are facing the same as many of us as we get older.  I can honestly tell you that adopting an older dog is wonderful.  We only adopt dogs that are at least 7 years old and have enjoyed every one, probably more than having a puppy.  Right now, we have one rescue, previously a foster, who is 16 and we love her like we have had her all of her life.  My beautiful Darcy passed at age 17ish after being with us for 10 years.  She was just a joyous dog.  Your DH is correct that you will love an older dog just as much, maybe more, than a puppy, and you won't have to deal with puppy issues.  Let younger people do that.

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Re: Getting a new Yorkie.

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So many Yorkies come out of puppy mills and sure could use the love & quietness of a senior home in their senior years.  Please look for rescue organizations in your area that do such work as puppy mill rescues or hoarding rescues.  Many times these rescues are put into foster homes to become acclimated to living in a home before their final adoption which you could adopt from.  Additionally, you may even be interested in becoming a foster to a rescue pup such as those.  You would not have to worry about long term commitments and worrying about the "what ifs".  Your love and attention for 3-6 months can be focused fully on preparing the pup for their 'furever' home.  And you might even become a foster failure and adopting your foster!  Hope you think about it!  😊


And just a note...I adopted my baby, a Silky Terrier at age seven and he was an absolute joy.  I lost him in March 2018 after 6 1/2 wonderful years and miss him every single day.  He was my ❤...



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I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  They both came from the same breeder who shows her dogs.


 My contract says that if I ever cannot keep or care for them, she must be contacted first.  She will take them back and if necessary find them a new home.  In addition, she will pay to transport them back to her.


i know for a fact that she has indeed, taken dogs back when their owners died or couldn't care for them for any reason, so it is not an empty statement.

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Hello...First, I am so sorry to hear about your loss of your furbaby.  We have a rescue furbaby and she is the love of our liives.  She is so appreciative and just wants to please everyone.  I think looking at rescues is something you should think about.  When those little furbabies look at you with those eyes who could resist loving them.  I wish you well in your decision

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@J Town Girl   Great thread!  We have always had yorkies too.  Our current girl is almost nine and not in good health. She is always with us, we have never left her. 


I am interested in your decision to get a pup or adopt an older yorkie. Is it selfish to want to live with a pup you may leave behind?!  Right now if we should both become ill, we have nobody to care for our dog. We should look for a sitter/vet tech in case something should happen.  She requires a lot of care and we home cook for her.  She is our spoiled baby!




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J Town Girl, I agree with your DH and other respondents that you will most certainly love an adult Rescue dog every bit as much as you would love a puppy.  I adopted an almost 15 year old Cairn girl who found herself in our local shelter, and I feared we would only have her a couple of months.  Turns out she was in such bad shape because her previous owners had used prednisone to control her allergies.  Once switched to Apoquel and given a limited ingredient diet she was not allergic to, she recovered a great deal of health and vigor, and we had her for 18 months when she finally crossed the Bridge, just about one year ago now.  I miss her every day, and I loved her as if she had been born here.  Four weeks ago today, I rushed my newly adopted Scottie to the emergency clinic, where he died of end stage liver failure two days later.  I had only adopted him the day before I rushed him to the vet, he was terminal when a more distant shelter put him up for adoption, although it's quite probable that the drenching of all kinds of toxic chemicals they subjected him to before adopting him to me hastened his demise.  Even though he was only my dog for one day, he stole my heart the minute I met him, and I am deeply grieving his loss.  Believe me, when you set that Rescue dog on your lap the first time, and they give you a kiss on the chin, you will fall in love with them as if they were just 12 weeks old, even if they are 6+ years instead!

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@J Town Girl     I have two Jack Russells. My male is 15 and I adopted the 5 year old female when she was 8 months old from a lady who couldn’t handle her.  She is better now with training.

     My trust states that my son will take care of my pets or find them good homes. 

     When I recently mentioned it I know I sounded worried because he said: “I will take care of Snickers, because no one else would want her!” Quite true! 

     I do not want another puppy! I love them but the training (both potty,chewing and obedience ) is too demanding. 

     My son inherited my Granddaughter’s  rescue Chow. She’s about 8 and is gentle, obedient and goes to work with him daily.

A puppy would never be as perfect for him. His other dogs were rescue Greyhounds. They require training but are couch potatoes. One might be a good choice for you and you will save a life!