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She did very well. In the Cone for 2 weeks and Crated.


Thank you again everyone for your prayers and good wishes.


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Glad your precious girl is home!

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Look at that sweet face!


I'm sure she's glad to be home with you.

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She is so adorable I am so glad she is home.

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Re: Finley is Home

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Glad to hear it went well.  I'm surprised they use a cone.  Quite a few vets use onesies (like the kind babies wear) to keep them from getting to their stitches.  A lot more comfortable for the dog too.


She's cute.

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@qvcfreak - I missed the first discussion. Finley's adorable! I'm glad everything went so well!   Smiley Happy

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It's always good to have them under your roof.  Glad to hear she is doing well.

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I asked for prayers yesterday @beach-mom. Finley was getting spayed at 7:30a this morning and for some reason I was a little nervous. But everyone was so kind and put me at ease. 

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Such a relief that your precious little girl is home and well.