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Let me add to my first post as an explanation:  I had Siamese cats.  

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I have four of these y-shaped crinkle tubes, bought years ago, they're bigger than any I can find now, and can be linked together with each other or with my 2 straight crinkle 'tubes' to make a variety of shapes.

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Re: Entertaining cats ?

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WOW.... I am blown away by everyone's kindness in sharing such great suggestions.  Each one of you is amazing.  And, incredibly helpful.


Thank you, thank you!!!!!!


My sincere appreciation to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.     <3  

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Hi!  Does anyone have any suggestions on entertaining cats in an effort to keep them healthy physically and emotionally?


We adopted a kitty we fostered.  She is about 3 yrs old.  


Thanks for any suggestions!

My experience has been cats that entertain themselves by knocking over things, climbing the drapes, lounging on the stovetop, jumping on the dog, chasing imaginary things around the house, attacking the feet of anyone napping on the sofa, swinging on the tablecloth, and "fishing" in our aquarium.  

Smiley LOLSmiley Wink I have had many cats throughout my life and totally agree with you @Sooner . I still love and enjoy them.


Catnip spray and organic catnip from Wal-mart or otherwise to put on thier toys and scratch items enliven them. I use the end of tp roll with just a sheet or so left and place catnip in the tp then tape shut with a tiny piece of masking tape and leave where they can find it and attack & kill it ! Of course I have to pick up shreds and vaccum ! But they have me trained well .

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Re: Entertaining cats ?

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The last two kitties that I had, absolutely loved these toys!


My girl kitty would pick them up and somehow would be able to get them into the bathtub to play with them in there with her house mate!


Chaos reigned when they'd be jumping in and out of the tub, knocking over my bottles of shampoo and shower gel as they played with this toy.


It was so much fun to watch them. Smiley LOL Heart


They also loved simple things like empty cardboard boxes that we had put aside to get ready for recycling.


They would take over the boxes and play in them, so sometimes we would end up just giving them the larger boxes to play with, until they would get tired of playing with them. 


Our male kitty used to love to play "hide and seek" in them.


He loved it when you would take a wand toy and wave it in the box. He'd wait, and then out would come one paw and he would poke around for the toy!


He was so cute and so hilarious, I'd be choking with laughter at his antics.


He'd play a chase game with my husband, where he would wait for my husband to chase him up and down the hallway. 


My husband wouldn't be chasing him that fast, but just enough where he could "run and hide and play." It was the funniest thing to watch! Smiley LOL


He'd then run and hide behind our bedroom door, and then he'd wait for my husband to catch up to him, and then he'd turn around and run past him and then he'd hide in a cardboard box, waiting for my husband to find him. 


Then, he'd start all over again until he'd get tired of the game. 


They'd do the same thing with paper grocery bags. We would let them play with ones without any type of handles on them.


Our girl kitty liked to hide in them, and then wait for your hand to find her in the bag. She'd wait for your hand to come by so she could pounce on it. Smiley Very Happy


They both liked to look out of our balcony door, and watch the bugs and the birds, and liked laying in the sunshine that came through the window, too. 


They both liked catnip toys, and ball toys, too.


He liked to bat the little plastic balls with the bell in them, and she liked to play with the soft balls, especially. She really liked the soft glitter-type balls, or the ones that look like sparkly colored Christmas garland.