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When our dog was very ill and not eating our vet said to give her canned cat food. It has a much stronger odor and they are more likely to eat it. She did eat it, so I started mixing it in with her dry dog food because she was a 55 lb. dog so it would have taken a tremendous amount of those little cans of cat food.

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Mix her food with fresh human food,i do that with my dogs.

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I adopted a chihuahua about 10 days ago. The guy that j got him from gave me some food that he says he was feeding him. It was a cheap dry food. When I got home home I put the food down for him but he wouldn't eat it. 2 days later and still hadn't eaten anything. I can tell that he was probably getting fed allot of people food. I bought him a variety of higher quality food, both wet and dry with no luck. I tried mixing some chicken in with the wet food and he'll spend allot of time picking out the chicken and leaving the dog food. I know people food isn't good for him. He needs the nutients of dog food but can't figure out why he's not eating dog food. Except for the chicken I sneaked into his dog food we've been very careful not to feed him from the table. Anyone have any other suggestions.

I would call the vet and make an appointment to have your dog checked out. There may be some medical issues. The vet should be able to give you suggestions on what to do.