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Dogs/Peanut Butter Danger (Xylitol)-Check Those Labels!

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"An animal welfare group has issued a warning to dog owners which highlights the dangers of feeding pets peanut butter that contains the sugar substitute, xylitol.


The RSCPA Blue Mountains Volunteer Branch recently shared a message with its followers on social media and said if a peanut or other nut butter contained xylitol it shouldn't be fed to dogs under any circumstances.


'Many people use peanut butter as a dog treat, or to fill a Kong or disguise medications; if they now use the type with xylitol, it could be very dangerous,' the notice reads."


The notice posted on social media by the RSPCA volunteer group warned dog owners about the dangers of peanut butter that contained xylitol 


"He explained that if a dog eats a product containing xylitol this will cause hypoglycaemia which is a drop in blood sugar levels.


'And that can lead to seizures and this can lead to death,' Dr Neck added.


'Standard clinical signs for this would include vomiting, lack of coordination, trouble walking, depression and coma. Severe hypoglycaemia will result in seizures."

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Re: Dogs/Peanut Butter Danger (Xylitol)-Check Those Labels!

My dogs eat peanut butter every day given with their medications.  I buy natural salt free PB. No salt, no sugar, just peanuts.


Thanks for the reminder.  We need to do what is best for our furry friends to keep them safe.