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Just found out my dog is diabetic; go to the vet tomorrow to find out more.  Anyone can share what they know about this illness in dogs?  Thanks!

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My last Boston had diabetes and Cushings. I had to give her insulin shots for the diabetes and she did fine on it until the Cushings progressed. If diabetes is the only issue, hopefully your dog will do well on the insulin. Good luck!


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Short version....I had an insulin dependent diabetic CAT.  Diabetes in cats is almost epidemic because of DRIED CAT FOOD.  Within weeks of the discontinuation of feeding dried food, daily monitoring showed that his blood sugar returned to normal levels and my cat no longer required insulin. 

I do not know if this is also a concern with dogs, but, if you feed your doggy dried, ask your vet about it.

Hope this helps.

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I have one cat now and one in the past who had diabetes.  My first one lived to 19.


Mine now requires 2 shots per day.  I am and RN so there was no learning curve about the insulin.  Except it feels really different than human skin, so I had to get used to that.  Vet wanted her on prescription diet, but it is really expensive.  I have other cats that would eat it, so I researched and found Purina Pro Plan Weight Management that had similar statistics.  She won't eat canned food.


I am guessing you will be told to use a canine prescription diet.  Just have the shot ready and love up on the dog and he may not even realize he's getting an injection!  If you don't know how to give them, they should work with you until you do.


Good luck and keep posting with questions if any of us can help.



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I had a dog with diabetes.At first it is very costly. I had to bring my dog to the vet every two to three weeks for blood glucose levels. The dog spends the day with the vet and they continue to test its blood throughout the day. Then they adjust the dosage of the insulin. This goes on  till the correct dosage is reached. It can take months. 

      The dog must eat at the exact same time each day 12 hours apart followed by its insulin injection.No treats in between. This was a hard adjustment because my dog did not follow strict eating times. He did have a prescription food. I ordered the insulin and needles from an online pharmacy because it was half the price of the vet. Unfortunately most diabetic dogs go blind but can still live a good life. I hope this helps you to know what questions to ask your vet. My dog did adjust to the new routine but it took a while. Em


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A few days ago, people were complaining about the increasingly high cost of Insulin.  I mentioned that my friend with a diabetic dog found the Walmart's Market stores, not the super centers, sold it cheaper than anyplace else.

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My parents had a dog with diabetes.  Had to have two shots a day.  He lived average dog years.  

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I second @Kachina624 recommendation of WalMart's ReliOn insulin. My diabetic dog has been on it 5 1/2 years. He was on regular insulin for a few months and the price just kept going up. The vet said it was okay to switch. Price difference is huge, $150 (or more) for regular vs $25.00 per vial of ReliOn. My dog uses Novolin N.


I tried to blood glucose monitors, but Lucky really didn't like the sticks, so with vet approval, I switched to using Diastix glucose strips and check his urine every night. He is on a sliding insulin scale based on what level the glucose strip shows. He gets two shots of insulin a day.


Good luck with your dog.



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I fostered a dog one time that had diabetes.  He was also blind due to his previous owner's negligence of his diabetes.  He was completely unregulated.  I was able to get him regulated fairly quickly by checking his urine every day and going to the Vet to have blood tests done.


His previous owners said he wouldn't eat the prescription food, but he ate it easily for me so I don't think they tried very hard.  He was the sweetest dog.  Giving him the shots was easy, and I wasn't sure how I'd feel about doing it.  You need to give him the shots while eating or immediately after and aim for 12 hours apart.  


This was many years ago, and I don't remember a lot more than this.  Good luck in getting your dog regulated.  

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i lost a bostotn to it about 1 1`/2 years ago.  they could not get him to eat nor could they control the sugar levels.  i think it is what is in the pet food these days. i ave had bstn since i was 6 and  i have had 19 bostons           .  we never had as many health problems


then too, i also feel that breeders don't care any more they will breed whatever just for the money