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Re: Dog toothpaste

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@furbabylover  You are the BEST!  Thank you for all that info.  I appreciate it.  (Going there now!)  ❤❤❤❤❤


(Edited to add:  It's Mypeppypooch dot com, in case anyone else is looking for it!)

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@SilleeMee wrote:

I give my dog raw marrow bones which I get from a local meat market here. I buy a bundle, freeze them and take them out to give about one a week. I've never used toothpaste.

I get those also,  but do it outside, cambridge would chew on hers,while spirit chewed oh his,then  go bury hers,and wait until he had finished his,so she could take his.  Don't think i will ever get past losing him.

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Re: Dog toothpaste

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I use CET poultry flavor because the pup loves the taste and will lick it right off the brush if I let him.  I might try another brand suggested here just for variety.


As for the toothbrush, I used to use a children's toothbrush, but as a terrier he has a small mouth, and I found that a very small pet toothbrush (Chewy) was easier to get in his mouth and more comfortable for him.


Edited to add: I'm uneasy about some of the ingredients found in CET (and Petrodex too) and the fact that Virbac CET does not wish to say they get ingredients from China as seen on a review from Chewy.  However, dental health is so important, so I use as little toothpaste as possible.

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I ordered some large Yak chews.  Our golden doodle, Eddie,  went crazy over this chew.  He devoured one half of a large chew in 45 minutes.  Thank you for your suggestion!!

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Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste chews