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Re: Dog Tear Stains on White Puppy

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As far as I knew he was healthy.He ate good .slept well.pooped great ,played ,everything was perfectly normal with him.He was only 9.


Early one morning he was in the kitchen and didn't get up.Unusual because he always slept with me, he never left my side.


i panicked,don't remember why,sort of blocked it out.I rushed him to the vet.Vet said he was ,"listless" and took xrays (i couldn't go in with him) and told me he was FULL of CANCER!!! ...and to get another opinion.


I couldn't believe it! He was just fine all the time.So I came home,thought about it and deceided NOT to do anything ,to wait and see what happens.He went outside to play,ect.  and everythnig was fine.


Later on I made him chicken ,he ate it and threw it up whole and didn't look good.So again I paniced and got an appointment with an ER vet for the first thing next morning.


Again I couldn't go in with him.They took him from my arms and that was the last I ever saw of him again. By phone as I sat in the taxi outside ,the vet told me he was totally full of cancer,nothing could be done and did not advise any treatment but to let him go without suffering . She said she filled a needle with blood from his tummy. So they sent him to Rainbow Bridge,right then and there without me comforting him  or him me and I never saw him again ,untill i received his little casket ,paw print and his sweater back the next week. It was too sudden and heartbreaking.I just will never understand what happened and how he could have been ,"FULL of CANCE" and not have one sick day,or show  any sign of  illness.


My Cozi was my soul dog.I have never been without a dog in my life and now I'm too old and sick  to get another one.I am heartbroken. Three days before this happened ,I off handedly was  just "talking to God" and said ,"maybe you should take Cozi before me because he and I have never been apart and he would miss me terribly" then I quickly said ,"Oh ,no God!  I did not mean that" , and quickly  made a cross on his little head.


  I am totally  lost without him.He was my life  <3


Thank you for asking...............

So sorry..your little one is in heaven now...I have many there waiting for me...God bless you!Heart