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I have had the same groomer for 11 years for Melanie My poodle.  I have been trimming her hair  and trimming her nails and giving her baths.

The groomer does a much better job, but she looks cute.


The groomer is now open.  I trust her, she has always been very clean and says everything will be sanitized.  I don,t have to come in contact with her directly, she made precautions and has a very very small shop. My dog can walk in alone.  A bucket will be out on the floor to drop in the money.


My concern is my dog maybe catching the virus from another dog that is there or a human that might had the virus and a carrier who might have given it to their dog and could get transferred to my dog,s fur.  This properly sounds silly , but because I am 84,  I just wanted thoughts on should I wait.  I know it,s my final decision, but just wanted other opinions.

Thank you.  

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If the groomer is open, I think it's safe to take ur dog. I use a mobile groomer and I just checked his facebook, and he's also opening. He's working morning to night to accommodate all the people who've made appoiontments. My little dog has another month to go - for a grooming - and I'm not going to think twice.

Groomers will take precautions - and we have to go on living.



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Re: Dog Groomer

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While there are a few cases of cats and dogs getting Covid-19, they are but a handful around the world.  And they were assumed to have gotten the virus from their owners, with whom they had constant and intimate contact. 

For the amount of time that your dog will be at the groomer, it probably would be fine.  As you say, your groomer will be taking precautions and probably won't have the same amount of dogs in the facility as she normally would.  There surely won't be as many people there. 


That said, I've read that if you think your animal has been in contact with someone that may have the virus, to wipe down their fur before touching.


But if you are in an area that still has many active cases, you may want to wait a bit if you are concerned.  It sounds like you're doing a good job of grooming yourself!  But this is ultimately a decision you need to make for yourself.  

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@qvcaddiction ,  I understand your concern, and I think it's a very valid concern.   This is the risk we are all taking to do anything outside our home.   You have to do what you feel is necessary in all aspects, and if your dog needs a grooming, then that's what needs to be done, of course with precautions.   I have a little Maltese, and although I groom her myself, I know if I let too much time pass, she's just a big mess, and the job is more taxing on her, and me too!!   Last week she needed bloodwork at the vet, so they took her from my car while I waited outside.   When she returned to me, I wiped her down with baby wipes I keep in my car.  Of course, wipes wont kill a possible virus, but it was a step to remove anything possibly on her fur.  Maybe you would consider getting her groomed.  Very tough times.

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I'm  82 and I would wait!


I know you understand why  <3

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I would not take a chance 👎

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What is the first thing that happens when you take your dog to a groomer? They get a thorough bath and an extensive blow dry. And I bet a poodle takes longer to dry than our collie.


I would be thrilled to be able to get our dog groomed. But we might have to wait until June.

The dogs never get near one another. And when the dogs first walk in, they are separate from the grooming area. They are taken immediately to be washed. And the grooming stations are not close to one another because they do not want the dogs to interact between one another.


It also depends how does Melanie feel about going to the groomer? 


Considering your age and Melanie's age, I would be super careful. And since you have been giving her baths, trimming nails and trimming her hair, you don't need to be in a hurry to get Melanie groomed. Maybe wait and when you feel a bit more comfortable about taking her in, make an appointment.