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You've received lots of good suggestions.


Along with trying them, remember to stay calm and don't force her to try to get her to like you.  Let her acclimate at her own pace.  As was mentioned above, you don't know her backstory.  You've only had her for a few months.  Be patient.  And she'll learn the routine from your other dogs and find her place in the pack.


You might never be her favorite person, but it's not unusual that dogs favor one over another.  All our dogs had their favorites, often not the person that fed them, bathed them, or cleaned up after them!😆

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@Wendy Lou Hoo 


It is not that she does not like you. She does not feel safe with you and has not established a bond with you. I would consider using a crate for when you can not have your eyes on her. I would probably tether her to me with a long lead so that she has to follow me around the house. The long lead means she does not have to touch you. I would also be the one that feeds her her meals. I would prepare the food and put it down and let her eat.


It sounds like she needs to revisit housebreaking. She would NOT be allowed in any room with a carpet until she is housebroken.


It sounds like the biting is out of fear. She needs to feel safe and that may take time. I would not make sudden moves or pick her up at this time. Your husband can do the baths.


You need to find a tasty treat that she loves. It may be as simple as a piece of cheese. Mine love salmon, peanut butter, cheese. The peanut butter is good because it occupies them wating it, If you are sitting down and she is tethered to you then you can offer her the treat just for coming to you to get it. You will build up to her sitting beside you.


One day you will see her do something that shows she is attaching to you and you will think it is all worth it.



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@Wendy Lou Hoo I understand how you feel (at least I think I do).


I have 2 cats, Bill and Katie.  Bill is amazing.  He follows me everywhere and everyone loves him.


Katie, on the other hand, is afraid of everything and everyone.  Some of my family have never seen her (she hides).  In over seven years, since I adopted her, I've never been able to pick her up or get close to her.  When I feed her I have to kinda toss the food to her....if I get too close, she runs away.


I can live with all of that but....she constantly pukes up something.  My Vet has examined her up one side and down the other.  I've had blood work done on her many times and she's in excellent health.


She single handily has messed up all of the rooms in my house (wall to wall carpeting).  I've had them professionally cleaned several times and no one could get up the stains.


I'm waiting until she goes to furbaby land to get new carpeting...otherwise it's money down the toilet.


I love her very much, but it isn't easy.  So....I kinda know how you feel.


I sorta think you are in the same position as me in that I have to live with her and do the best I can.  No one else would put up with all I have.....


When I take her to the vet, my friend (Vet's nurse) comes and gets her from the room I've trapped her in the night before.  She has the Vet take care of her and I pick her up afterward.


Good luck.  I don't know if it helps but sometimes it helps just to have someone else say, "I feel your pain and understand".


It sounds like you are doing the best you can.  Take care. 






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Thanks to all who replied to my question.  I 've gotten alot of good tips to consider.  I did take up the area rug she has been using and got it out of the house.  I've used 3 kinds of carpet cleaner with pet odor neutralizer on that rug, and she still goes on it.  She stays in a crate at night, so at least I can sleep without worrying about what she's doing.

 As far as a leash, we can't get a collar or harness on her.  She even bit DH when he tried to put a harness on her.  She will also bite if you try to brush her.  

Hopefully things will improve with more time.  

Again, many thanks.

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Do you feed her meals to her?   If you can, take over the feeding duties and be the only one that feeds her for awhile.  Let her see you get her food out and put in her bowl.  She will begin to bond to you,   

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@Wendy Lou Hoo   This is probably not going to be a popular answer, but I'm saying this because she is biting.  Have you thought about giving her to a Rescue group?  They could work with her to see if they can get her to stop biting and then rehome her.  I would have a hard time keeping a dog that I knew would bite me.  I'm sorry this is happening to you.

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