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Does Your Dog Like Their Own Bed?

My dog (naturally) likes the Tempur-pedic, and the expensive sofa, but as he gets older I can see he can't jump like he used to.  He's about 70 pounds, a black shepherd mix.


I've put a blanket down for him, but DH thinks he needs a bed with "sides".  I have never had a dog bed that was easy to clean, and I'm not sure they are any better than a blanket or two.  Plus, they are not cheap!  Recommendations?



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Re: Does Your Dog Like Their Own Bed?

Check  they are part of Amazon and often have Sealy orthapedic beds at very resaonable prices. Never thought my dog would like one either but she loves it.

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Re: Does Your Dog Like Their Own Bed?

Our dog has two beds. One in the family room. A Sealy memory foam bed, kind of shaped like a sofa. When we are in the family room he stays on his bed or the carpet in front of the gas fireplace. 


Then we have another bed for him. It is a rectangle with sides all the way around. He generally sleeps in that bed at night. He like to rest his head on the side.


The Sealy bed has a zipper. So you can unzip it to wash it. The bed with the sides all the way around you can't remove the cover. But I vacuum it. But since he just sits on his beds they really don't get dirty. 


He is a collie so he is about 75 pounds. We bought the beds at Sam's and they were about $30. They have held up well. They are both in great shape and about 5 years old.

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Re: Does Your Dog Like Their Own Bed?

I have three dogs and they like any bed. They have dog beds, they love those in the day- they are in the living room. But at night, usually they go to our daughters old room and get in her bed with the cat.

Chewy and Groupon have good deals on pet beds. I do think since he is an older dog, he would enjoy not sleeping on the floor on a blanket. The pet beds we have have are easily washed in the washer, and I dry them in the dryer. Its not difficult to put the inside back in them either after washing.


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Re: Does Your Dog Like Their Own Bed?

My dog has two beds.  One has sides, and the other just has a "pillow" kind of raised end on one narrow side.  She likes both of them.  The one with the pillow end is an orthopedic bed.  She doesn't put her head on the sides but sleeps in the middle of the bed.

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Re: Does Your Dog Like Their Own Bed?

My last senior dogs had orthopedic dog beds by Cesar Millan and they were so well made.


The covers zipped on/off and after many, many washings, actually didn't shrink and still fit, that was a first for me!


The cushioning also never got flattened, my fur kids loved them!


6-7 years later after they passed, they were still in such good shape, they were handed down to my Grand-dogs.


If I ever need another orthopedic pet bed, that's what I'd buy again.


So much better for arthritic pets than a couple of blankets on a hard floor, IMO.

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Re: Does Your Dog Like Their Own Bed?


We have 3 orthopedic dog beds similar to this one and he loves them all.  Some are washable. Orthopedic Dog Beds Costco Puppia Studio Hearts Luxury Dog ...

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Re: Does Your Dog Like Their Own Bed?

For a older dog , a nice big ,bed that is a thick therapeutic bed is a necessity.Foster and smith have really nice ones.

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Re: Does Your Dog Like Their Own Bed?

as he aged, we got our big American Bulldog, Levi a bed with sides since he loved to prop his head up.  Ours was very high quality from the Dogs catalog.  He LOVED it!  Happy pup!Smiley Happy

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Re: Does Your Dog Like Their Own Bed?

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so Charlotte only uses her beds (multiple) as a playground during the day while I am at work.  along with having 3 legs, she has limited vision from her car accident. so i wanted a soft area for her to climb around on and still have the option of uneven surfaces and places to hide toys etc. so she has 5 beds and 1 pillow with 2 blankets in the center of the living room for play time. I hide chew bones and treats throughout the area and it keeps her busy while I am away.  At night, my bed is the ONLY place to sleep!  with pretzels!

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