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Re: Does Anyone Else's Cat......

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Yes, but I have three who follow me everywhere. I have a small house so there is basically one path from one end of the house to the other. We all go to the bedroom or bathroom (no bathroom trips alone -   EVER!).


Then we all turn around & go through the livingroom & dining room. And of course on to the kitchen, through that & down the stairs to the cellar for the laundry area. 


Back & forth, back & forth, depending on what I'm doing.


When I'm busy, I hustle from one thing to the other but not them - they mosey at their own sweet pace. So as you can imagine - we often collide coming & going LOL!!!


Luckily, only one out of the three has a tail so I only have one tail to watch out for LOL!!!


Bill sounds amazing!

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Re: Does Anyone Else's Cat......

@ChiliPepper Your post made me laugh out loud.  I can just see you and your 'babies' walking like ducks in a row.


If they're like Bill, sometimes he zigzaggs down the call.  I remember when my girls were young they'd do something like that to each other and turn and say, "Faked you out".  I can almost imagine Bill thinking that.  He's quicker than I am.  If I'm in a hurry (well....there's no such thing because he controls how fast I walk down the hall)...Ha!


I was thinking about everyone here while I was visiting my daughter this past week.  My friend installed the ring thingy on the front and the garage door.  She also installed 2 BING video cameras.  I already had 2 NEST cameras.  Phew!  I'm wired up the wazoo!  


Anyway, on the Nest cameras I can call from wherever I am and talk to whomever is around.  A few times the Nest cameras went off and I called out to Bill.  He was looking around and started meowing.  I started crying and my daughter came into my bedroom.  We both started laughing....(it's not like I was gone for long and wouldn't see them again).  


I know all of you fur-mommies understand.


Anyway, I got home at midnight last night.  Bill went bonkers!  We have a special bond.  As for Katie the cat, she was nowhere to be found.  She finally showed up this morning and this afternoon disappeared when thunderstorms came....


Take care and be safe...