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Re: Do Your Cats Respond To Catnip?

Not all cats respond to catnip.  It also depends on their age.  Sammy didn't respond to it at all when he was young.  Now he goes crazy.  I use catnip spray and spray a little on his toy.  Entertainment for a long time.  My little girl on the other hand couldn't care less.  She just watches Sammy acting like a fool and makes sure she keeps her distance.  She is only one year old.  So she might still develop a taste for it.  I have a big catnip plant outside and a neighborhood cat sleeps in it. 

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Re: Do Your Cats Respond To Catnip?

My kitty gets super exited for a few minutes. She has lots of fun with her toys and rolls around with them. Then after a while, she will calm down and get in the zone. lol. I really dont like it when other people refer to it as crack because its not. Please dont call it kitty crack. Its rude to cats calling them addicts. Sorry but i love and respect my fur baby. 

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