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Please, I am looking for a dry dog food that is healthy, that they will eat and will not cause itching.  My dogs are itching on their lower backs and tails.  I am told that it could be their food.  I am thinking about Rachel Ray's Nutrish.  It needs to be reasonable in price for three large dogs.  Thank you...SC

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we have a bichon that would scratch so much and chew the edge of his tail.

we switched his food to WHOLE EARTH FARMS and that seemed to help quite a bit.

he does also take a prescription anti-itch medication.

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I suggest you go to and read their ratings of various dog foods.  I've been feeding mine a grain free version of Wellness but they seem to get bored after several months so I'll find another brand and try it.  I mix their kibble with a little canned food and a bit ofcwarm water to make it more tasty.

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Lucy Pet Food.   Online-located in California.  The founder is the former owner of Natural Balance.  His foundation receives all of the profits and the money is used to spay and neuter animals free of cost.  Helps rescue groups.  Food is good and not from China. Google and you can find it.

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The pattern of itching that you describe hints at fleas to me, have you confirmed with a flea comb that you are not seeing flea bite dermatitis?  Also, if all three dogs are itching, the chance that all three are food-allergic is pretty low, unless all three are littermates or something.


If you are sure it's not fleas, then my recommendation would be something grain-free, especially corn and wheat-free.  Rice is honestly usually safe, and barley as well, but going grain-free is a safer bet.   Meat-wise, avoid beef and chicken, try to find something with a SINGLE meat protein that your dogs have not been heavily exposed to up until now.  I adopted a very highly allergic dog from my local humane society, and fed her Zignature brand kangaroo-based kibble until we could experiment to find out she was also not allergic to pork, which was also good for her aging kidneys.  She also took Apoquel, because she was allergic to inhaled allergens like tree and grass pollen, but we did our best to reduce all other allergens from food, those we could control.


The independent dog supply store I purchase food at is even carrying a squid-based food now, so there is no shortage of unique-protein foods on the market, and if you are really, truly dealing with food allergies, there are also the prescription diets with enzymatically digested proteins you can get from your vet.


Above all else, read the ingredient labels and avoid foods that contain meat meal or meat and bone meal, make sure that the meat content is listed as individual species, such as duck, chicken, turkey, rabbit, beef, lamb, goat, pork, or whatever, not "meat meal" or "poultry meal" so that you can pinpoint exactly what your dogs tolerate and what they don't, and can avoid it in the future.


Personally, I am feeding Taste of the Wild Pacific stream to my 6 year old Scottish Terrier right now, in the past I have fed him Nulo and Zignature formulas as well.  I have never looked at the Rachel Ray brand foods, so I can't say if they are good or not.  Once you confirm you are not dealing with fleas, and make sure you are avoiding junk ingredients (undescribed proteins), and that the food is formulated to meet or exceed AAFCO requirements (better if it's actually been tested to AAFCO standards), you will probably be fine with whatever food you choose.

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@Sweet Caroline 1 wrote:

Please, I am looking for a dry dog food that is healthy, that they will eat and will not cause itching.  My dogs are itching on their lower backs and tails.  I am told that it could be their food.  I am thinking about Rachel Ray's Nutrish.  It needs to be reasonable in price for three large dogs.  Thank you...SC



Rachael Ray's Nutrish only receives 3 stars out of 5 on the Dog Food Advisor website.  I feel that Fromm Duck & Sweet Potato or Wellness Lamb & Barley would be excellent for itching.  I've fed both, and am now feeding Wellness.  

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We use Wellness for our two dogs.  Lawn chemicals that are put down this time of year tend to cause itching/irritations for my dogs.  

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One of our dogs is a Westie.  These dogs are susceptible to itchy skin allergies.  We started feeding our dogs Fromm food with good results.  It is reasonably priced compared to what we were purchasing from the Vet. 


One thing you might try - Apple Cider Vinegar.  Put some on a cotton ball and dab the places your dog is scratching or biting.  Yes, he will smell like a pickle for a while, but if it has worked wonders for our little one.  And yes, it is “Vet Approved”.  

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Every morning our dog goes for a 2-3 mile walk in the park. Last year he started scratching like crazy. Took him to the Vet. First words out of her mouth was "Has he been exposed to foxes?" At the park there was a Mom and a number of her kits. Our dog never got close to them or their den. But he picked up mites from the fox.


We were told that mites bite and then drop off. So it is not like they stick around like fleas.
And since the mites bite and run, Frontline will not protect your dog. 


We have had the hardest time trying to find a dry dog food that our dog will eat. Right now we do feed him Rachel Ray.But there are many days when he won't touch it, and we always mix it with wet food.  We have tried almost every other brand and after awhile he stops eating it. Doesn't matter if it is high priced Wellness or Verus. We have had some sucess with ProPlan Sensitive Skin and Stomach. It is Salmon and Rice formula.

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Image result for american natural premium dog food

We use this and its made in the USA Smiley Happy