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Trupanion has been great for me.  I'll never be without pet insurance.  It's better to get it now before there's a problem.  No pet insurance covers pre-existing conditions, and even the smallest issue is considered pre-existing.  

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eddyandme.  I totally get the insurance route.  It does take time to save money and I took a risk.  To be honest, I haven't looked into pet insurance since a few years ago.   I understand insurance is a great option and we all have concerns about certain issues in different dog breeds.   I've just had teeth work done on my adopted dog - $2000 that I didn't see coming.   

Good luck on your decision, we all definitely need a back up for unexpected events in our furry friends.  Health and happiness to Brody. X

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@RollTide2008 wrote:

I have Pets Best insurance for my cats.  it is standard for premiums to rise as pets age.

I had never heard of Pets Best @RollTide2008 .  After checking several plans out, I opted for their Elite plan for dogs.  I had th wrong age listed for Brody and was unable to change it on the app.  Called their C/S and would you believe, actually got a quick, efficient assist from a rep- something rare these days!


Anyways, thanks for suggesting them,

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@Flopsy wrote:

I use to have pet insurance but it got expensive and I didn't have to use it when my dogs were young and a pre existing illness was not covered. Around their age of 5 I opened a separate bank account and put money into that monthly.  I found that as my dogs have aged this money has been useful and yet it's also a savings account.  I put in about $100 - $200 a month and now have a healthy amount for medical bills.  I know this might not be for everyone but it works for me.


My daughter lives in Florida and has a plan with her vet for general health issues - check-ups, vaccines, glands, nail trim, etc included.  I like this idea but my vet doesn't do this.

@Flopsy , I just signed up for an inexpensive plan and am gonna beging putting aside $200 when Brody turns 5 - if all goes well as I'm still paying off Tufts.......


Thanx, like your idea!