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Some time during the night, Miss Molly found a rabbit in the yard (she can go to the yard through her doggie door) and “scared” it to death ...that’s what I choose to believe. We found the bunny on the floor this morning. We’re waiting for a call back from the vet to see if she needs a booster rabies shot.


It’s always something for dog owners.

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How sad. Wish I hadn't even read the thread title.

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Hounds have soft mouths.  The rabbit was likely already compromised.


I know I'd be sick over it, too.  It sounds like she was being a beagle.

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Sad though it may be, it's still gross to find a dead animal in your house.  This rabbit was probably sick.  I'd be concerned about germs and such.  I know you'll scrub and disinfect the area where you found it.  You're wise to get in touch with the vet to see if Molly needs some sort of shot.  


I wouldn't like having a doggie door.  Too many other uninvited guests could come in.  Around my neck of the woods, it would be 'possums and rats.  Ewwwwww

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I'm sure if was a gift to you Smiley Happy 

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A couple of years ago my then thirteen year old beagle mix discovered a nest of baby bunnies in my hostas planter in the front of the house.  She was carrying it around in her mouth.  It had already passed away, no blood, probably scared it to death.  I think my Laudi Mae thought it was a toy.  Broke my heart, but that's what beagles do.  I was able to but up a barrier so she could not get to any of the others, but Momma bunny moved them shortly after that and have never had a nest that close to the house again.  I live in Kansas and there are lots of bunnies running around right now.   

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Rodents, including rabbits, typically do not get or transmit rabbies.  A properly vaccinated dog would not need a booster.

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“Small rodents like squirrels, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, chipmunks, rats, and mice) and lagomorphs including rabbits and hares are almost never found to be infected with rabies and have not been known to transmit rabies to humans.”
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Most doggie doors have a some kind of lock for the flap to keep it from swinging in or out. That way  you can decide when the pet has access to go outside. Why not lock the door at night so Molly stays inside. 


I like your theory that the rabbit died of fright. No doubt, Molly will not be confessing to any complicity. 


I doubt if the rabbit was ill or infected. No likelihood of rabies, but ticks or fleas are a consideration. Rabies shots maintain immunity between booster intervals. The vet’s inoculation certificate should tell you how long until the rabies shot is no longer effective. But have the vet check Molly so you have peace of mind. Dispose of the rabbit well wrapped and in a closed container or feral animals might try to get at it. 


I would have had a hard time seeing that surprise on the floor. You’re remarkably calm in your narrative.  Block or lock the pet door is my best take on this. 

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Good call on contacting your vet and yes it is also something when you own a dog! We have a fenced in area at the bottom of our deck steps that our miniature schnauzer uses to go potty in. Small baby rabbits have gotten into this fenced area before and I am scared to death he is going to latch onto one. Thankfully they move pretty fast and that hasn't happened yet. Good luck and hope all is well with your Miss Molly!