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Bichond Frise



Chow Chow



Shetland Sheepdog



Tibetan Mastiff


BBTz3lV.jpgBearded Collie



Old English Sheepdog






American Eskimo





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What beautiful dogs.  I used to have a Samoyed.  He was such a good boy and very sweet.  He has been gone anout 18 years and I am still finding his fur here and there.  


LOL they shed a lot and have an undercoat and a top coat and need brushed everyday.


I didn't learn my lesson, now I have two long hair dogs who shed.

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Appreciate the pictures of these beautiful dogs.  Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

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My neighbor had 2 Samoyeds-beautiful dogs and such personalities-so smart and loveable. When he would brush them outside, it looked like a lot of snow flying up in the air.

The male and I made great friends of each other. The female too. They would come running when they saw my daughter and me outside.

It was such a good neighborhood and started to look like a dog park. I loved it!

Thank you for posting these pictures @roxxy1! Great memoriesSmiley Happy

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LOL, They all are cute

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Very adorable.  No such thing as an ugly animal.  They're each unique & either have or are waiting for someone to love them.  How can you not?

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Beautiful dogs - thanks for sharing.My forever favorite fluffy dog is my sweet boy Casey. He was a cockapoo with the most gentle and loving soul. I would have posted a photo of him but couldn’t figure out how.
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this is my sweet fluffy Daisy. 

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Love all the pictures of these beautiful beasties.. Heartthanks for sharing 0/PWoman Happy

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