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Sooooooo CUTE!  I love cats.

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I thought that was a kiddie toilet.  You know, the ones used for training toddlers. hidemf3.gif

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I love the Roomba riding cats, too.  So brave and creative to think of it as a mode of transportation rather than being afraid of it.  Always makes me smile.

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@Roxxy   So cute!  I especially love the one of the cat holding the hand of the hand while sitting in the cocoon.  

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Thanks! Love kitty pictures; one of the only reasons I look at Fb.

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@Roxxy ADORABLE!! I've adored cats my whole life, even the ones who didn't own me.

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You helped put a smile on my face with these adorable pictures.  I LOVE cats and sometimes prefer them over people.  Cat Happy

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@Roxxy -

Those are so cute! Thank you!

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How cute they all are. I love cats. I have 3, but wish I could afford more. They are a lot of company for me and make me laugh every day with their antics.