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Wasn't there a long long thread about this a few months ago, and wasn't there an issue about cats or something?  I I seem to remember something along that line and lots of comments about the situation before the dog was adopted.

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I believe the constant barking could be do to hearing loss as well .......

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Her hearing is fine.


I have tried the treat reward with the kitchen barking.  I will wait until there is (hopefully) a pause.  I will give her the treat, then she goes right back to the barking.  If I stay with it, she amps up the barking.  Only my leaving the kitchen stops the barking.  My husband can't get her to stop either.  She is not a problem barker otherwise in the house.  She pretty much only barks appropriately.  We are happy that she has made progress with barking at every neighbor and dog.


We are annoyed, but more concerned, about her not coming when called.  There are many reasons you may need to call a dog.  She sits on our laps whenever possible, and we are very affectionate to her.  We praise her for every good behavior.


I am okay with my husband being alpha.  It was a bummer to me at first, but I think it is good for both of them!


We are very aware of her background and will stay the course.  We have never given up on an animal.  We do have cats, but they ignore each other.  I don't think there is a problem except we have had to change feeding arrangements so Lila doesn't eat cat food.


I think training would be good, but with COVID, it put a crimp in our plans.