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Re: Cats and cardboard boxes!!!

@ScenicMaine   My kitties too are older, I adopted all three from a rescue and have given and received many hours of enjoyment from their antics, but now days if I get a package they only are intersted in playing in the box for a short time, but I still always like to watch them.

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Re: Cats and cardboard boxes!!!

"Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers."
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Re: Cats and cardboard boxes!!!

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@Witchy Woman wrote:



What a wonderful photo memory of your Rocko (my grandfather's name, but spelled Rocco).


I cannot imagine his long, slim kitty frame filling that boxCat LOL


Bengals are beautiful cats, but I undertand they are mischievous and a handful.  


That's a fact - as a young cat we had to tag team playing with him because he wore us out.  And there were the episodes of hearing our Roomba turn on in the middle of the night...


Here's Rocko's boxless body trying to torment his great-grandma, Millie, a retired breeder we adopted.