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I'm taking my senior lady cat to the Vet tomorrow.  About 6 months ago she was having issues w/throwing up and hacking.  The Vet recommended a Rx food by Purina which did solve her issue, but I feel it has been constipating for her.


The constipation seems to just be getting worse.  She doesn't go at all for a few days and then in one day she goes a bunch of times and has a tough time of it.  I hate to see her continue this way.  I think he also mentioned Hills Diet, and I see they have a dry food which aids in the constipation issue.


He told me not to keep changing her dry food, but for the past 6 months I hate to see her struggle and this can't be good for her.  Also she needed to lose weight, which I think she has lost some.  She has a good appetite but I worry about her.  She is not urinating as frequently either, which is what really spurred me to get her into the Vet.  I used to have to clean the litter box several times a day, now its only once, maybe twice on a good day.


When she has one of her poopy days after being constipated, she avoids the litter box and just goes where she's at.  Luckily I'm home to get it all cleaned up right away, and I know she's not doing it on purpose, she can't help it.


Anyone deal with this issue?  She is 15 (or so) and I worry about her very much. Cat Sad

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jelly does she drink water?

Are you giving her wet/can food as well as dry food?


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Hi @jellyBEAN 


I have the same questions as @leeleeB 


Does your kitty drink plenty of water?  Eating wet food..... ?


As far as the constipation goes there are a few things that I can think of:


Puréed pumpkin can work really well.  You can buy it and add it to food.  There are wet cat foods that have it - all by itself or mixed with other things (like tuna, chicken, etc.)


Slippery elm is very helpful to soothe the digestive tract and help things to become more regular and balanced.  It can also help with nausea and acid / upset stomachs. You can get the plain powder and sprinkle it in food.  You can take the powder and mix it with water and syringe it in your cat's mouth.  You can make a syrup from it (very easy to make).  That would also be syringed into kitty's mouth .

Also, there is lactulose which your vet could provide you for constipation..  That's also a liquid - dropper directly into the mouth.


Also a good playtime is helpful too - get kitty's body moving


I don't know about the decrease in urination. I'd have to think about that more - google it!  But again I'm wondering how much water and wet food kitty eats.


Definitely have a talk with the vet, especially about the decrease in urine output.  Kitty not bothering with the litter box suggests to me kitty just isn't feeling that well right now, out of sorts.  



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@jellyBEAN My Vet recommended 1/8 of a 10mg Pepcid AC tablet now and then for the throwing up instead of changing the food my 14 year old girl was eating. Changing their diet can be hard on their digestive system, too. It's difficult to chop one of those tiny pills into 8ths, but even the crumbs are better than nothing. Doctor sold me a pill shooter and that works really well in getting a pill down her. She just spits out the pill if I don't use the pill shooter.  And the good part is I'm not cleaning up after her any more.

I also put her up in the right side of the kitchen sink, hold my hand under the faucet running into the left hand bowl of the sink and let her drink out of my hand. She loves it and is drinking quite a bit more now than she was just out of her bowl. Something about the running, cold water. She loves it really cold.She stops and rests a bit, then drinks some more. 

Kitty also gets a spoon, just a regualr dinnerware teaspoon of babyfood pumpkin with her breakfast to keep the constipation away. She's not fond of it, but it works and she doesn't need it often now.

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We have a cat and I discovered a brand of treats he LOVES.   It's Tiki Cat brand and he loves their tuna and pumpkin treats.   And it DOES keep him regular!   He has no problem, so we must limit the amount of these he gets.   Tiki also has wet cat food with pumpkin in various fish and meats.   It can be found at Petco (in stores and online).   The company is US based and made.   It also has a senior cat line.


This could help you to ease her discomfort.  

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You might look into hydrating  him.  I don't know if you read my post about my cat Bill.


According to my vet when Bill's been tested 2 times his numbers show he should have been dead by now.


His pancreas is terribly inflamed and his urine is terrible.


But he's doing great.  I went back to giving him the old Sheba that was so terrible for him, but my friend hydrates him every day.


It's easy to do.  Easy for her but Bill senses my hesitation.  I did it with a cat I had named Fabio.  It puts hydration in them.  Helps the kidneys etc.


You might ask your vet about it.


My best friend takes her dogs to get a puncture for a problem where she leaks pee.  It helped in the past for a few months but she's having to start it again.  Both of her dogs are Labs.


Take care and I wIll say prayers for your fur baby.😘



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Aww, poor 'ol lady kitty.  it's a tough thing being a senior.  It's important for you to tell the Vet Everything you've noticed.  The decreased urinations when she's bunged up.  Could it be that there's So much poop its pushing on the outlet for her bladder?  Is her little body doing everthing it can to get that poop hydrated  so there's little left to pee?

It's very concerning that she won't get up to go urinate once she's emptied her colon.

Some cats get SO constipated that they need anesthesia to go in and remove all that poop rectally. 

There are medications that can help get her gut Moving and soften/ KEEP soft her stool but as with everything they have cautions of their own. 

Good on you for taking her to the Vet to get some relief. 

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Yes, I give her plenty of water and have increased her wet food too.  She enjoys drinking out of the running kitchen faucet, which I run for her when I see her hanging out in my kitchen sink. 


She also has a kitty fountain that she used often, but lately has stopped going out on the back porch to use it.  Another odd thing she started lately.  She used to enjoy the back porch with the sunshine, her litter box, and water fountain and view of the outside backyard, but lately she hasn't wanted to go out there.  Could be too warm right now.  She did get injured about 2 months ago when a snake came up to the open back door and I slammed it shut and either bumped her or scared her and she hurt her paw.  Although that seems to have healed (I want him to check that too), maybe the incident scared her so that she doesn't like the porch anymore.


She also has a cup of water down in her feeding area all the time.


Lately she's been getting more of the wet food as it is less calories than the dry, but she gets both with her meals.  She did urinate this morning, but this is day 3 of no poops.


I have tried the pumpkin puree.  I used to mix it in with her wet food, but she really doesn't like it.  She likes Fancy Feast best.  I've also been giving her Fancy Feast appetizers that are mostly nice meat with a broth for moisture at noontime.   I'll see what the Vet suggests but I like the idea of natural pumpkin as an ingredient in the food or treat..


She's never been a playful cat.  She shows some affection toward me, and I've tried various toys and catnip, but she could care less.  I try to play with her a bit to get her moving, but she's not interested.  She's a strange one, but I know she loves me as I do her.  I would never leave her for anything and even when I go to the store I tell her I'll be right back and not to worry.  She rules the roost here.




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Re: Cat Food - Senior

[ Edited ]

Have you tried a probiotic?  My cat was having digestive problems (vet never really could figure out what the problem was), and one of the things he prescribed for the cat was FortiFlora probiotic for cats.  


This cat's normal routine was going only once every other day and he was eating mostly wet food, and with occasional problems. With the probiotic he now goes promptly once a day and the stool is always perfect.  The added benefit is that he loves the taste and is eating much better too.  (It is expensive though.)


I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before since I regularly give my dog probiotics. 🤷‍♀️

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@geezerette   No, I haven't tried a probiotic.  I've been checking out various dry cat foods for seniors to relieve constipation and saw Hills brand has one that has very good reviews.


My Vet just called me.  He says she has "mega-colon" which means instead of the stool coming out, the colon is expanding to accommodate the waste.  He has given her one enema and may give her another.  He recommended I give her Lactalose 3-4 times per day, it is a stool softener.


I asked him about the dry food and he says I'm giving her the correct food for her digestive tract/sensitive stomach, but I am wondering if I should try one of the foods for constipation.  Of course I don't want to change too much at one time.  I will give her the lactalose and see how she does and leave the food as is for now.


Maybe I will try a small bag and just give her a little bit mixed w/what she is getting now in a week or two.

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