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Re: Bill the cat is upset with me.......



Sorry for the delay...just getting back to this post.


The heated beds I had for my kitties are exactly like the one @NickNack  pictured here.


Mine were brown on the outside, but the color isn't critical for me.  There was a smaller and larger size when I purchased, and I got the slightly larger size as my cats were full grown.


It took them a bit of time to notice/use the beds, but when they did, they seemed to enjoy them.


Think I bought them from Chewy originally.  It's been a long time ago!


I've only got one senior cat now, and he will NOT use the heated bed.  He likes those disposable, gray Purr Pads and beds, so I have a large supply of those.

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Re: Bill the cat is upset with me.......

@Annabellethecat   I told you I would ask my friend what heated bed she had for her cat.  She said it was just a bed that she bought at PetSmart a long time ago.  She bought it for a small dog that she had and passsed it down to her cat.  Both of them loved it.

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