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Well, I don't know if any of you saw my post where my friend came over on Saturday.


She's the Vet's nurse.  She helps me out around the house.  She helped me adopt Bill and his crazy sister Katie.


She loves Bill as much as I do.  Anyway, she was giving Bill lovin' and kisses when I told her to look at his teeth that he needed to get them cleaned.


She said she is almost sure Bill will need to get one of those big front teeth pulled!


Due to his kidney issues (he will not drink water) I have to feed him special order prescription soft canned food.


That is terrible on his teeth.  I check his mouth pretty frequently so I thought they were just dirty.  But she said there's decay high up in the gum area.


Anyway, when she goes back into work tomorrow she'll talk to Dr Dave about bringing Bill in to get his tooth pulled.


Catching him is easy.  He climbs up on my chest to get love, so it's easy.


I'm not looking forward to it.  His sister Katie had to have several teeth pulled over the winter.


I guess they inherited their bad teeth from their mother.  Ha!


Incidentally, I've always questioned if Bill and Katie are brother and sister like the adoption place said.  Katie is a nut job.  No one has ever seen her.  She runs and hides.  In 7 years I've never gotten close enough to touch her.  Sometimes if I'm laying in bed she come up and lay near me but if I even twitch she jumps down and runs away.


Anyway, this is a reminder to check your cat and dogs teeth periodically.  I've always done that but this thing really got away from me.  It's nothing that just shows up.


Wish me luck.  I'll let you know more about Bill when I find out.  He's still relatively young (maybe 7 or 8 years old) so I'm not worried about him having complications.


We should call him snaggle-tooth probably.  But he'll still be a pretty boy (that's what I tell him).


Bill is bright orange and short hair and Katie is black and white and very long haired.  She pukes up all over my rugs. Drives me crazy!  But it is what it is...right?


So this friend found in her shed last week 6 baby kittens.  All colors and long and short hair.  She already has 5 or 6 cats so the other vet in office is taking them.


Shows you what I know, right?

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Good luck with your vet visit. I have an orange boy, too. His name is Slick. He sleeps all day and keeps me awake all night. Guess I'll have to change my schedule as he sure as heck isn't gonna change his. Let us know how you and he makes out.

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Hi @Annabellethecat !


I have a Bill & a Katie too! 

My 'Katie' is also super shy, and my 'Bill' also has teeth issues because of soft foods.


Anyway, the big male had his right upper snaggle tooth removed, and ever since then, once in awhile his lip kinda sticks above his gum.

I crack up, & call him "Elvis' when that happens. 


I thought I'd mention this:

Try adding water to Bill's canned cat food - a few tablespoons or so. That'll guarantee he's getting enough.

That's what I do.


Enjoy your kitties!

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Re: Bill the Cat

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I hope your Sweet Bill goes threw is dental work OK.  Wonder if he's been in any pain?  Guess x-rays would let them know if there was an infection or not.  Hugs to your Bill & hope he's able to eat soon.


Sweet Katie, sorry you had to go through all that dental work.


@Annabellethecatmy 2 girls won't even eat can food any longer.  They haven't for several years now even though I've tries several times.


Good luck & let us know how Bill makes out.  Glad you have your vet nurse for a friend.

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I'm sending St. Francis prayers for the vet-dentist visit. 


I know soft food is the enemy of tartar free gums...but many elderly or homeless love it.  It at least has moisture, and is safer than drinking outta filthy puddles.


I feed my ferals a mixture of hard kibble, Hills science diet for teeth health and Verus specialty soft food...Plus clean cold water or warm broth in the winter. They love tuna water, chicken stock, or the water from a can of sardines.  Those are always a hit.

Animals are my heart. literally.

I'll send prayers and nagging to the heavens above for your baby(s).