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I saw a Pomeranian on craigslist and talked to owner.  She said he was 3 years old.  She was selling him for a friend who could not keep him because of rental lease.  She took him in for her friend and found out she could not keep him either because landlord would not allow it.  So I fell for this story and when I got there the dog was now 5 years old which was fine.  No paperwork except for shots she had recently gotten him.  I paid for him and left.  The dog that was supposed to be housebroken has to wear diapers all the time because he marks everything. I took dog to vet and he is 8 or 9 years old, has bad teeth, bloodwork shows bad kidney function with increased white blood count and has an ear infection.  I hope that is all....  I have him scheduled for teeth cleaning and neutering.  He is the sweetest thing and just adorable.  I will take the best care of him and fell almost instantly in love with him but just feel like I was a stupid fool to fall for their scam....before anyone says why didn't I get a rescue...I tried every rescue and shelter  I could find within 100 miles and all I could find was big dogs and sickly senior dogs(which i now have).  I am not suited for big dogs.  The one or two rescues I did respond to, I never heard back...I am just posting this in case someone sees a dog they want on craigslist.  Don't think with your heart.  Make sure the owner has the paperwork etc.  There are so many rotten dishonest people out there.  You could be buying heartache.  

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Sounds to me you got a "rescue" dog 🐶 and I'm sure he will be well taken care of by you.


I won't fall for the scam because there are too many animal shelters in the area to check on Craigslist.


Good luck.

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Yes ,many scams out there, would not buy from craigslist at all.

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It's sounds as if you rescued this poor baby out of a bad situation.  It is too bad that the people weren't upfront about it, but if they had been the poor thing probably never would have gotten a new home.  I would say thay this is the luckiest day for this little guy's life, and eventually you will see it as yours, too.


All the best to you and your new little guy!

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Don't feel like a fool, you DID rescue this poor guy, I shudder to think what would've happened to him, had you not saved him from these poor excuses of human beings.


They surely wouldn't have provided him with the medical care he so obviously needs, since they hadn't done that so far.


No doubt he would've continued to suffer in silence till your gracious soul saved him.


Craigslist is notorious for pet scams, as a matter of fact, I visit our area's CL listings for pets every single morning before I come here to the forums and delete (flag) those listings that sound like obvious scams.



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So very sorry for what happened to you. The world sure is turning into one big mess. Makes you wonder what the heck is wrong with people that they feel it's just okay to do this kind of thing. 

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@chiclet  YOU are this dog's ANGEL!. He needs you! Glad he found you.

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@chiclet,  I can so relate to how you fell into this situation.  I too have been looking for a small adult dog and those available through rescues within a reasonable distance are either senior or can't be placed in a home with other dogs or cats.  A couple were listed as being dominant which would be unfair for my senior dog that is sometimes too polite for his own good.


Now, if I wanted a large to giant dog...


I hope once you get your new furbaby healthy you have many years of joy with him.  If it is any encouragement my Pom/Pap mix is almost 16 and going strong.

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Up here we call them dog flippers. Sorta like house flipping for animals. Always on CL. Rarely a pic posted, you have to ask as someone may recognize the dog.


They get a dog thru various means and then post the dog for a fee. Some for several hundred dollars. Always for a "friend". It's a cottage industry.


We have a fantastic no kill shelter. They were expecting a lot of pets to be dropped off during the early stages of the pandemic. The opposite happened. People now working at home all day, kids at home now have time for a pet.

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I thought for sure you were going to say it was a stolen dog.


A lot of dogs sold on Craigslist are stolen.  New owners pay for the dog, take it to the vet then they find the microchip and find the dog was stolen or "lost".

Dog gets returned to the original owner and the new owner is out the cash!