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Buddy has had numerous fish graphs to his third degree burns on his face now.  It is being reported that he has some new skin forming around his nose and mouth.  Buddy has a long road to go and is being kept on pain meds but so far, if no infection appears, he is a trooper.   One of the vets treating him says he continues to give his caretakers kisses from under his bandages.  Dogs are so resilient and trusting even after being set on fire, AMAZING.  One day we will see that child on DATELINE that tied the extension cord and set Buddy afire. Go to MSSTATE>edu to see pictures.  THANKS ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: BUDDY< the burnt lab update

@Boomernichols @The pain that dog is going through is hard to imagine. The 12 year old that confessed will not be charged per the articles I have read. This child needs life long counseling and very close monitoring in my opinion. A stint in juvenile hall wouldn't hurt either. 

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Re: BUDDY< the burnt lab update

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Blessings to Buddy.  💙💙💙


May he know Peace,

May he know Joy,

May he know much Love.




Please keep us posted about Buddy.  

Labradors are the most loving, gentle, forgiving, humble of dogs.

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Re: BUDDY< the burnt lab update

May his recovery continue and he finds a home that deserves him and treats him as he deserves to be treated. I can't even say what I would like to say about that young man that did this to this poor dog. 

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Re: BUDDY< the burnt lab update

I pray for retribution on that THING that hurt this animal. 

Horrible karma should befall that piece of garbage.