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My Rattie keeps trying to "play" with the cat and my cat is sick of him!  I'm so afraid she's just gonna get frustrated and scratch his eyes.

I'm wondering if my dog needs a canine "buddy".

However, when I used to take him to the dog park, he never seemed interested in other dogs.

Does anyone have two ratties?

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Re: Attn: RAT Terrier Owners

Two dogs are always easier to care for than one.  They play with each you stand a chance of keeping them out of trouble.  We have always had at least two terriers at a time.  They also love their jobs of chasing squirrels or any other thing that moves.  Two are happier than one.

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Re: Attn: RAT Terrier Owners

By getting a second rat terrier you run the risk of both of them irritating the cat.

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Re: Attn: RAT Terrier Owners

A friend had an old chihuahua.   Then she got a kitten.    The kitten tormented the dog.   I suggested she get another cat.   Not long after, her mother had a friend who passed and someone needed to take her cat.    My friend took the cat and the 2 cats got along great and left the old dog in peace.


2 dogs may be your answer.  A cat can find a way to get away from a dog, or 2

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Re: Attn: RAT Terrier Owners



It depends on several things. I would not suggest jumping into getting another dog because they may gang up on the cat. He needs to be taught to leave the cat alone. Can you find some toys to play with him to wear him out?


Two dogs is not always easier. You need to have time to spend with both individually for training. 


My other concern would have to do with some of the ratties I have known being attached to their owner. If yours is like that it will add another dimension to the dynamics in your house.


I have to say that I do have two dogs and a cat. I would not trade any of them but I have spent a lot of time working with training them how to interact.



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Re: Attn: RAT Terrier Owners

Two dogs is never easier than one.  They BOTH  will need attention, exercise, grooming, feeding, vet care and not to mention clean up after.


If you want to get another dog for yourself and everything thatvyou with it that is one thing. To get one to entertain your other dog is silly.  

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Re: Attn: RAT Terrier Owners

Trim the cats nails.  Getting Two terriers makes them a Pack and may cause more problems for the cat.

A cat can Not always find a way to get away from a dog. NOR should she have to in what should be her safe place.

You need to straighten things out with Dog number 1 and the cat before bringing in dog number 2 for them BOTH to adjust to.