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Re: @Annabellethecat..This is for you!

@Tweety68 I just saw your post!  That's so sweet, but not surprising what you did as I've read your posts and they're always sweet and nice.


I have some plastic stairs that I once used for one of my cats.  It's been so long now I don't even remember which cat I had them for.


They're sitting in a corner in one of the spare bedrooms now.  I was looking for some of my shoes just this week and uncovered them.


Hopefully, I won't need them anytime soon.


Did you happen to see the Dr Phil show a day or two ago about the woman who had 15 cats?  I didn't see the end of it but he did find out why she felt the need to have so many cats (her mom had left cats (or dogs) in her car and they died when she was a little girl or something).  It affected her adversely, Dr Phil said.


The problem was she kept bringing in feral cats and they were spraying everywhere.


Several times over the years cats kept coming to my back porch and I'd eventually bring them inside.  Two of the cats I never could keep in totally all of the time.  Jack the cat spent the day outside and came in for lunch and after dinner he was in for the night!  Ha!  No more catting around...but they were all 'fixed' immediately.


It takes time and patience to train feral cats to not spray in the house.  I know first hand you can't just bring them in and expect them to not spray. I gradually taught my cats not to do that but she just kept them inside and supposedly those woman's house stunk like crazy.  She had a good heart but that's way too many cats, I guess good old Dr Phil helped her.


I can't stand him but I'm glad he helped her, I guess he did.