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This is nothing short of!  So glad it turned out well!



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There go at least 8 lives! 

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I hope it's not broken on the inside.

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@Ko - I agree.  My DH showed me this a little while ago and I said that, even if they think it's all right, that cat may have injuries they can't see.  It needs to be taken to a vet to be sure it hasn't got internal injuries.


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Can't almost always land on their feet from great heights w/o injuries.


That video confirms the cat landed on "grass."

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Great video!


Looks like the kitty landed on his feet and just trotted away, unhurt.  Hope so.



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DH said the most common injury in a case like this is a broken jaw because a kitty will hit his/her chin when he/she lands. He said there are rarely internal injuries. I hope this kitty is home safe and sound!  Smiley Happy