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Re: Afraid I made a mistake....

I lost my little white lhasa 10 yrs ago - and I was so depressed. I was used to waking up with my dog, feeding her, taking her out in the yard, talking to her, etc. I was walking in circles. A couple of days after she passed, I went on-line to PetFinder and a woman living 2 hours south of my house posted a few pics of her lhasa litter and I chose one. The dogs were only 4 weeks old so I had to wait another 4 weeks - then she and her husband brought my beautiful little lhasa to my house. The best money I ever spent. So I was only without a dog for a month.

I'm alone most of the time and I'm retired --- so my dog is, literally, my best friend. She's always at my side and understands everything I say to her. Lhasa's are lap-dogs - they're always close by and so easy to take care of. Recently, I was on nextdoor dot com and a woman named Chris was saying that she's looking for a dog. My breeder MaryAnne just had a litter of 4 lhasas, so I emailed Chris about the lhasas and Chris bought one. Chris and Jackson (male lhasa) came over to my house and she thanked me for telling her about my breeder and lhasas. They are beautiful, sweet, loveable dogs!!!

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Re: Afraid I made a mistake....

not at all. yu are givng anther loving animal a chance at a wondeful home.