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Re: Adopted Sarah, a rescue pug

Bless your heart for giving this dog a loving home. People like you make the world a much better place. Enjoy.
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Re: Adopted Sarah, a rescue pug

Give Sarah a big hug from me - happy for you

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Re: Adopted Sarah, a rescue pug

@devababy wrote:

I just finalized the adoption of Sarah a rescue pug.  She is 6 years old, very small, and about 90% blind.  But, that does not stop her; she is full of energy, loves her new found freedom,  her new yard and her new sisters, Scarlett pug and Deva pug.  She knows the layout of the house and the yard and I am just amazed at how fast she learned where everything was.  She has mastered the doggie door and her deck and the ramp from the deck to the yard.  She is one of the most loving pugs I have ever had.  She has stolen my heart.  She will be on medications (for her eyes)  for life and needs dental work, but is in good health.   She was very abused and had only seen the vet once in the six years with her owner.  She was an owner surrender, inasmuch as they did not want to care for her.  She was at the vet clinic for a month and with a foster family for 2 months before coming to live with me. She is a very  happy little pug now and  getting use to be spoiled.  We love her and she follows us around wagging her tail.  I did not think I would want another pug after my beloved Baby died last October, but I came across a website re: rescue pugs for adoption.  I talked this over with my granddaughter who convinced me to just do it.  I did and I am so very happy that I did.  She has bought laughter back into my heart and home again.

@devababy  Funny how we "accidently" come across those adoption/rescue websites.  I've done that a time or two also.

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Re: Adopted Sarah, a rescue pug

Wonderful ... I love this thread. Congrats to your new little one. Glad she found you and she has a wonderful forever home with you and your family. We just adopted our newest arrival her name is Snowflake pictured to the far left in the circle. She is part poodle part terrier. We have five rescue pooches that we love ...Good luck with your new little one.

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Re: Adopted Sarah, a rescue pug




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