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With great sadness, we had to have our baby girl, Miss Missy, euthanized today.

Evidently her kidneys were worse than we knew and that's what caused her to stop eating and she just seemed to lose her will to live. We're so sad but to try to keep her going would be cruel.


Now she's resting in peace, and maybe in Heaven she'll get her claws back (the people who had her before us declawed her). She can run and jump and play with all the beloved pets there and I'm sure that eventually we'll see each other again.

Till then...we'll cry and miss you and never forget you, sweet girl. 

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I am sorry about Miss Missy.   Wishing you peace during this time.   Best to you, Tallgal.

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 @GoneButNotForgotten  I'm sorry, and know you'll miss your precious Missy! Take care!

     🌈 🐈🐾🐾

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I'm so sorry @GoneButNotForgotten. You loved her dearly, and I know she felt that until she was finally out of pain. She will always live in your hearts.

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I'm so very sorry for your loss @GoneButNotForgotten .  I can tell how much sweet Missy was loved.  She knew it, too.

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@GoneButNotForgotten  I'm very sorry for your loss❤️🙏

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Saddened to hear Miss Missy is on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. There is some consolation in that she is now free of pain and suffering, getting ready to sharpen those claws to climb and play, once again. Until you meet again...

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@GoneButNotForgotten , very sorry for your loss. She'll always be in your heart and she's looking down on you and thanking you for letting her be well and whole again as she crosses over the rainbow bridge,

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I believe that St. Francis watches over all the animals in heaven. Sweet MIssy is healthy and running free now. You did the loving thing.