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I know there are people who are afraid of animals or just find them objectionable in some way and just don't want to be around them. I personally have always loved animals and would not be friends with anyone who did not like animals. I would never be involved with a man who didn't love animals. That being said, you can choose your friends, but not your relatives. I have an aunt who admits to not liking animals, but as she says," I would never try to hurt one". Can you imagine!

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Isn't that the truth!!!  Everyone I am close to loves animals.  

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I have friends that are terrified of dogs, they suffered serious dog bites & it's made them afraid of other animals too. Not liking animals says nothing about a person, hurting them does.

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@kitcat51 - I so agree with you!  I am a huge animal lover, but I understand why some people don't especially like dogs or feel comfortable around them.  I know a few people who were bit by dogs when they were young, and one lady I know had a dog jump on her when she was walking and she fell and broke her hip!   I try to be very aware of people who are especially sensitive to dogs when I'm out walking my dog, Cody.  He's a sweet boy, but he can look kind of scary due to his size!


And I do firmly believe that if you could consciously harm an animal, any animal, then you are NOT the type of person I want to know or be around!

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My sister in law says she "likes" animals, but is neglectful of her pets.  


I've tried to help by gentle suggestions, but she always has an excuse.  It is not extreme, and she is not mean to them, but not how I would treat them.


Yes, I can see if someone was attacked, they would not like a dog...or even a cat.  But hurting them is another matter.





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