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Re: A Very Vexing Kitty Problem

I am struggling with something similar - I have a neutered male cat - 4 yearsold. Started peeing on the furniture about the time we had to put down our older, diabetic cat (who, by the way despite his diabetes, always used the litter box) I am not positive that event is what caused it but before that he never peed inappropriately.  I have tried almost everything - vet visit, herbal supplements, feliway plug ins(I have 2), feliway spray, catnip, catnip spray, extra litter box - 2 in house and 1 in garage, multiple scratching posts.  High protein, grain free diet - dry and canned food. We adopted another kitten about a year and a half ago - rough at first but they get along great now and I thought having another cat might help since he was never an only cat. My cats stay inside.  It is intermittent - he seems to be over it and then I recently found he pooped on my sofa.  Nothing has changed - litter boxes in same spots, cleaned every day, same litter.   One box has a cover, but it is not particularly high to get in and I have always had a cover on the litter box.  I am running out of ideas and my leather furniture is basically ruined - clean but discolored. I love this guy - he is a great cat in every other way.  Help!

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Re: A Very Vexing Kitty Problem

I have six cats and I've had both the peeing problem and spraying problem.  I keep a very clean house so this sort of thing drives me crazy.   My vet is a cat only vet who has seen lots of this and has been very helpful with ideas.  Of course, first ruling out medical problem.  I have been so stressed that I was at the point of trying any possibility that would help or rule out anything. Here is what I have tried and what has helped and didn't. I think I've tried it all!


litter box. Remove the hoods totally wash the box and put new unscented litter in. I personally did not like the cat attract litter because I thought it smelled it was not a good odor control after a few uses.. They make a cat attract additive that that you add to the litter. It smells like grass sort of earthly. My cat immediately with in the box when I did this the first time. You can find the additive on Amazon or entirely pets.  Be sure to keep the box scooped and I even wiped the sides down with Lysol wipes or natures miracle daily. Some cats don't like a box that has any odor, even if you cant smell it they can detect the tinyest trace.


The spot. Completely clean the spot.  I use natures miracle to help eliminate the odor and the handheld Bissell to pull it out with water.  I have found completely blocking access to the spot to work particularly in places that's totally unacceptable like my couch.   I put something down just in case they managed to get back there, spray feliway, and then just put boxes and such to where they physically could not get back up there for a while to break the habit.


Feliway.  I've tried the plug-ins and spent a boatload of money on those but didnt see where they did much.  II found the spray itself works better and they make a collar that is even better than both that has worked best for me.. My vet  sells the collars but I also found those on Amazon.  The best one is nurture calm. The other has a funky lavender smell. The collar has pheromones like the spray and defusers but seems to work better.  I saw iimmediate results with this.


Drugs.  There is also an anti-anxiety drugs, Prozac being one of them, that helps some pets with both spraying and improper elimination.I have one on Prozac now. It only helped a little and we had to up the dose and it's helped more now. This will depend on how easy the cat is to give a pill too, and they make it in a transdermal that you put in that ear as well. The medicines are usually once or twice a day.


i'm sure there's many other things I've tried and forgot to mention but maybe this will help somebody. Good luck.



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Re: A Very Vexing Kitty Problem


My friend has a pooper.  She has to take him to get his glands "expressed" or else he goes elsewhere.  One time he was so clogged that they thought about doing surgery.  You might ask the vet about that, if they've never been expressed.

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Re: A Very Vexing Kitty Problem

@aubnwa01, although you say kitty can't see outside at night and "roaming pets don't last long" it is possible she is hearing and/or smelling one of those predators that keeps the roaming pets at bay.  That she only does this from time to time and not consistently I would suspect your property is on the outer perimeter of its territory or it is a youngster attempting to define its territory.


You might want to consider a white noise generator to mask the sound of an animal outside.  I have no viable suggestion about masking the smell of an outside animal.  However, the Feliway in conjunction with the white noise might be enough.

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