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Re: A Penny For Your Thoughts, Petunia.

I would like to interject here as I have had cats for many years.  Always more than 2 cats at a time, as much as 7. 


Please don't leave anything out that a cat or dog can knock off and swallow.  This is very deadly for our pets.  Please always put your rings or earrings inside something.  Sometimes you won't miss the item and your cat or dog can die from the item that it swallows. 

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Re: A Penny For Your Thoughts, Petunia.

@Retired Legal Secretary wrote:

@denisemb  Petunia likes to hide "her" stuff under the couch or the desk.  If something goes missing we check those places first.

Rocko never hid anything.  He was king of the household and wanted his possessions handy, unless he knocked them somewhere he couldn't reach.


Considering how skinny he could become, he could pretty much reach anywhere, LOL



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Re: A Penny For Your Thoughts, Petunia.

@denisemb  Good grief, he's long and also beautiful. 


DD quilts.  She has a design wall in her bedroom, actually 2 heavy vinyl tablecloths with the white backs facing out.  Quilt panels stick to it, no pins needed, so she can arrange them how she wants.  Guess who can stand on her tiptoes and help.  One day a panel or two will go missing.