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nick chavez

cost of a hair cut is $160  wow

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Re: nick chavez

and if I'm not mistaken, that's just in his salon, not for him personally.

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Re: nick chavez

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Last time I saw a price list for the Chaz Dean Salon it was $150 if a stylist there did a cut and $300 for Chaz himself and maybe the prices have gone up since I saw that so that $160 is probably not for Nick personally to take his scissors to your hair but one of his stylists. But I'm just guessing this about Nick based on what Chaz charges.

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Re: nick chavez

His products are great.  His textuizing spray great for aging thin hair.  My hometown hairdresser charges 100.00  and doesn,t keep up with latest knowledge.  Small salon and sets her own price, but because I have been going to her for over 25 years, through long thick hair, and now short thin aging hair, I don,t wAnt to change.  She is getting tired, only works two days a week.  Haircut different all the time.  Sometime not enough, sometime too short.  As long as it looks decent, I don,t care.  If I were younger, I would change.  I think she is overcharging, but the grass is not greener elsewhere and prices are properly higher.  


My friend has been with her hairdresser for 30 years and she only charges 20.00.  My friend does not get it blown dry or styled.  She goes home wet and does it herself.   She is 91 and has a beautiful head of white hair.  Hers never thinned, so she does not need special trimming. 


What ever happen to Super Cuts?  No more?





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Re: nick chavez

Well I live in a resort area so you can't go by me.  30 years agp they were charging $75.00 here which at the time was alot for a cut and blow dry.



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Re: nick chavez

If you can afford it, why not.

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Re: nick chavez

Used to be you knew  Nick was on because all the hosts hair were extra pretty that day since he would style their hair. I like his products especially his "dry shampoo" he had several years ago that is no longer made. 


I have paid any where between $25.00 and $50.00 for shampoo and cut in the last several years.One of the best cuts I have gotten was at Super Cuts recently for $15.00!  They do not shampoo but spray your hair with water and don't use a lot of product which makes it cost effective I'm sure. I plan on using the same person until I decide to color my hair since she doesn't do color but I've been pleasantly surprised.