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Re: Nick Chavez / March 25 / Friday / 2016.

Unfortunately I ended up missing his shows but I did order the soft flocker which I had been kicking myself about not getting back when it was a OTO special. I just got my hair cut pretty short after it had been past my shoulders, and this particular style could really benefit from this product! Excited to try it out. My mother ordered some Nick products too Smiley Happy

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Re: Nick Chavez / March 25 / Friday / 2016.

@NAES1 wrote:

@Raindrop7 wrote:
Hi Ladies. I'm back!
I saved my gift card for Nick's visit. Here's what I bought:

VM shampoo and conditioner.
VM hairspray duo
Supersize VM serum
VM grande boost styling spray duo
VM restoring mist duo and
VM body butter duo.

I think I am set with products for a while. I so enjoyed his visit and am excited to try the body butter. As you can tell I absolutely love the velvet mesquite line. My hair has never looked better. Listening to Nick I think I should use 2 to 3 drops of the serum instead of the 1 and a half I have been using since my hair is coarse.

Happy Easter to all. Xoxo




I am happy you were able to purchase exactly what you waited for.

Any personal stars on the shampoo and conditioner or serum?


We had a  horrific pet loss on the 23rd, so my heart wasn't in the show. I did need ( I believe) a new hair volume hair anything (spray) is needed. Sorry for the not so newsy post, though. 

NAES, I am so very sorry for the loss of your pet.  I know how painful it is.  It breaks your heart I know.   (((BIG HUGS)))  


I love the Velvet Mesquite shampoo and conditioner.  It keeps my hair frizz free and shiny and gives me volume.  The VM serum is a must.  It gives thickness, shine and healthy looking without ever weighing it down.  I add it to my styling products, maybe 2-3 drops and my hair looks like it did when I was young and had more hair!  


Janice, I will enjoy my big haul.  I thought about buying a piece of jewelry but I decided the health of my hair is more important. I have enough jewelry.  I can't wait to try the body butter.  I think my hair is less thin on top since I started using the VM hairspray since it is a light hold with good ingredients.  I love his Plump 'N' Thick hairspray but it is a very strong hold and my aging hair can't handle it anymore.  I still have some so I may mix the two of them,


NC Bandwagon, I am like a kid at Christmas waiting for my products.  My hair has been through the wringer between menopause and thyroid problems.  And I so look forward to a frizz free summer.  


Hope you ladies have a wonderful week.  Heart

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