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Most shampoos say to do it twice...NC directions only say once.  So far one time seems to work ok.  Just wondering what is best.

I have been using the Mesquite and really like it!


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I have never lathered more than once, it s too much for my hair.

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I don't use NC ... I tried his products once and didn't like them.  But ...


I use a lot products on my hair (e.g. mousse, hairspray, etc.) ... lathering twice is a must!  I "do" my hair every day and wash my hair every day.

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I lather once. It's plenty.

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Lathering twice is a ruse to get you to use more product, faster.

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The last time I went for a haircut, while at the shampoo bowl, the stylist asked if I wanted a second application of shampoo since my hair and scalp were very clean.  I stated no since I had shampooed day before and hadn't used any styling products on my hair.  This is the first time I was ever asked this question by a stylist.  I don't wash my hair every day as it would be too hard on my hair (thinning with ageSmiley Sad).

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I think if you're using a good cleansing shampoo, you only need to lather once. 

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I never lather more than once.  Shampoo every 2-3 days...depending how it looks and feels any given day.  When I go to the salon they also just lather once....any salon I've ever gone to has done the same.  

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I only lather once and I think that's enough.

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I lather once  but I tend to use more pumps than normal