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"The Big Interview" Song

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I'm a MonaLisa Twins fan, so when this came out I just wondered about my son's future

"Big Interview".


Moms of teen girls, are some really this calculated these days in choosing a guy?  What's the criteria?  Is there a "cheat sheet" he can study? 

I wanna to be a grandma someday!


Questionable song on YouTube

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Re: "The Big Interview" Song

@timeless Never heard of it and didn't click the link. What if your child decides "no kids for me"? 

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Re: "The Big Interview" Song

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Hi, @timeless!

You might not be aware that these days on the forums most hyperlinks are discouraged...  it's safe to say the majority of them end up removed, when the moderators see them, for a number of reasons, and sometimes entire posts or threads are deleted due to the "live" hyperlinks. 

We find ourselves losing conversations just because of a link or two.🙁

Please know I never intend to tell you, or anyone, how to post...   I just feel so bad for posters when their interesting comments are removed simply due to a "live" link which could have been replaced with simple info on how to search for the website or the referenced video.  (Or, you can convert your links to plain text so they will remain safely in the post.)

I hope this is helpful.  I enjoy your contributions to the forums!❤️

Have a peaceful evening, everyone!🌻

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