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I wrote something in among friends, please some one read and cheer me up, that I'm not the only one with this trouble.

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sorry didn't see anythng over there about your post

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1966, I read your post here and clicked on your name and got the other post. A lot of people don't know that can be done which probably explains your lack of responces.

I taught a high school counseling course, among other courses, to juniors and seniors for thirty six years. Being retired three years, am still mentoring former students along with college students where I now work to keep busy.

Having delt with dysfunctional families, bad relationships, hurt parents and students I feel I may be able to give you a little help.

It's impossible to understand exactly how someone sees something without their willingness to discuss their feelings. I know you are hurt and crushed. The key here is to examine why she felt your relationship had gone wrong. Your SIL knows why or just can't have her upset at any price and as her husband is protecting her. The best thing you can do is go to a family counselor where you can discuss your histories. This is what they do and they have a lot of experience. I wouldn't contact lawyers just yet because that could create enough tension to make a permanent division in the family.

Those feelings weren't developed in a day and it will take a while to deal with. I'll keep you in my prayers. Best of luck!