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Re: Prom Dress

@suzeecat wrote:

I wouldn't assume that the parent's knew she was wearing that dress.  Girls have been known to change after they leave the house. 

Unless she had a part time job after school and saved and saved and saved  where would she get the $ for a second dress?  Prom dresses, especially the type the OP described are expensive, a few hundred dollars expensive.

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Re: Prom Dress

I sew ....and my neighbor called and asked me if I would alter her daughter's Prom dress. I said sure!


When I saw looked just like the one the OP described. The back was  cut so low that her crack was showing....the front was cut down to the belly button. The side was slit up to the thigh. I was SHOCKED.


We were in the Living room when her Father came home from work and saw her.....He went ballistic and said she was NOT going to wear that. It was uncomfortable....the Mother was arguing that 'popular' girls wore dresses like this....the girl was I LEFT.


She ended up wearing a different dress

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Re: Prom Dress

@Nataliesgramma  I'm so glad to know there's some parents with some common sense.  WOW! Can't begin to imagine how uncomfortable you must have been.  

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Re: Prom Dress

I worked at a HS about 15 years ago and every year (well before the prom) they sent out many warning emails numerous times about the dress code.  If girls showed up with the very lowcut dress or slit up to "there" they were not allowed in.  This was strictly enforced.  One mother complained that it was hard to find a modest prom dress and the school told her that's policy and would be strictly enforced.  Each year girls found a way to find dresses that aren't as "hoochy mama" as others - but I'll admit many were within a hair's breadth to that line.  


They were also warned about their dancing too.  There was a lot of latitude given the students but most found dresses and danced just respectful enough. 


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Re: Prom Dress

A well-known, popular vendor of a well-known popular type of oil who appears frequently on QVC dresses like the OP describes.  Look at celebrities.  Look at magazines.  The teenagers are emulating who/what they see paraded in front of them.

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Re: Prom Dress

First off - EWW to the pervy men “taking in the view”.  


Prom is expensive, especially for a girl (dress, hair, ticket, shoes). Maybe the dress was a hand me down and the only one available to her. Maybe she doesn’t have parents or doesn’t have parents who care enough about her wearing the dress. 


This topic comes up every prom season. Girls aren’t wearing long sleeve  turtleneck dresses. They just aren’t. So let’s stop judging our girls on what they wear.  Their Quacker Factory days will come soon enough