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I am looking for some help for suggestions for a special gift or something I can do for my niece who recently had her first child. She had an emergency c- section and my great niece was born a month early. Mom is doing OK but baby has several issues and is in the NICU. My niece & her husband make multiple trips daily.
I really would like to do something for my niece. We live at opposite ends of the country. I have sent things for baby already. Wanted something more than flowers. I appreciate any and all suggestions.
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my first thought was a meal delivery plan.......

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@nana59 wrote:

my first thought was a meal delivery plan.......

@nana59  Excellent and practical suggestion.

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Re: New mom gift

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@januarybaby I agree about a meal delivery plan. Find one that requires very little prep. There are a couple that are VERY prep-intensive. 


This is nice as it also is a benefit for the father of the baby as well, who often gets lost in the shuffle. I realize it's the woman who had the c-section and hope she is recovering well, but it's nice to think of the daddy as well.


Best wishes for your family.

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Money is the best thing to have with a sick baby that requires travel.

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@januarybaby  I like the idea of the meal delivery plan. Or, you could send something from Panera. They make great salads and sandwiches.Just find out when one of them will be at home to receive the delivery. If money is needed, that that would be good too. Another idea would be an Amazon gift card. They can buy anything and have it sent to them no matter where they are, or they could use it to get TV and movies on their IPads if they have long hours at the hospital.

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Sitting beside a sick child's hospital crib is nerve-wracking. Sometimes, you don't even realize how tense you've been until you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe you could arrange for a massage at their home to work out some of their tension. As an alternative, send them a "TLC package" containing bath salts, body lotions, etc. Anything that can help them decompress when they're not at the hospital. 

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I am a total gift card person.  Amazon, local supermarket or restaurant for take out since they will most likely be spending a lot of time at home when baby gets out of the hospital.

Even a gas card perhaps to help with the back and forth travel for hospital visits.  With the price of gas now, it's a burden for people.


Best wishes for the new faimly.

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I also had an emergency C-section.  My daughter was 3 months early and was in the NICU for over 2 months.  A meal service plan, a gift card to a restaurant, or gas card would of been a big help for us. 

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An American Express gift card that they can use for gas, meals or anything else they need would be appreciated.