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Re: Help! Should I quit my job?

@Imadickens wrote:

A little help please...if it is that old, why was it so close to top of list? I also think I'm not the only one who answered this late. Did I get that right?Smiley Embarassedsmileylol:

@Imadickens You are correct, this post was revived 2 weeks ago by another poster. Don't worry this happens occasionally. Welcome aboard as a newbie poster and enjoy! Woman Very Happy

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Re: Help! Should I quit my job?

Thanks! And, thanks for your help!
Never underestimate the power of kindness.
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Re: Help! Should I quit my job?

It is hard to get a job if you don't HAVE a job. It looks bad on your c.v. I know because I was a hiring manager. Do your best to put up with it while, yes, launching a job search. A lateral move is not a bad thing anymore. In interviews, do not complain about this job or boss but turn it into something that makes you look good. Maybe you can say you wanted more responsibility or that you seek a more productive team-oriented environment or point to some other fresh challenge that meshes with the job for which you apply.