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On 10/25/2014 Clover29 said:
On 10/19/2014 moonchilde said:

You beat me to it Smile

As soon as I see any topic about healthcare conspiracy theories, I just know someone is going to go all Mercola on us sooner or later.

And when they do, credibility goes out the window.

...and to me whenever someone brings up quackwatch credibility goes out the window.

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All I can say is that Duke University had or has a study to see if fluoride in the water is contributing to childhood cancer. ( our son's oncologist had told us this was a concern)

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On 10/12/2014 willdob3 said:
On 10/12/2014 Lucky Charm said:

I drink water that contains no fluoride. My toothpaste does not contain fluoride.

Same here.

I've had extra fluoride treatments since I was a young child regularly every 6 months, and now well into my senior years, brush with a prescribed fluoride toothpaste. I was the recipient of bad teeth genes and wouldn't have a tooth in my head if it weren't for fluoride. I don't have any of the silly suggested side-effects and made sure my child also had fluorinated water. I'm a huge proponent of fluoridation.
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Wrong. When my son was born, our town didn't fluoridate the water so his pediatrician prescribed fluoride drops. He's in his 30's now, is in fine health, and has never had a single cavity. As Kachina624 just now mentioned, he also had fluoride treatments regularly and we had his teeth sealed when he was about 8. Bad teeth runs in my family and I was determined to spare him what my sister and I had been through.

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On 10/16/2014 Gsmom said: I have done a lot of reading on this over the years and many researchers believe it is toxic . I did not give fluoride to my children and they do not have any cavities .

Who are these "many researchers"? What are their credentials? What and where and when have they published their peer-reviewed research articles?

Oh wait, they "believe" it's toxic. I base my actions on science, not someone's "belief".

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Is this bit of paranoia back in style?????