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Have any of you order some thing believing the you wear going to be able to give it as a christmas precent and turns out the qvc haven even send it ( with the promise the today is the last day to order to be hear for christmas ) i order my items 4 days ago and today they said to me the it was going to be in till the 30 of december the i was going to get my orders.
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some of my items are not delivered yet

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My item is being returned to QVC one day before the estimated date of delivery.I contacted both QVC and UPS asking for the Dell Laptop I ordered to be shipped back to me. None of them will help. Now my 13 years old daughter is heartbroken since she is not getting her laptop she needs since she is starting Highschool. Not buying from QVC in the future. Costco and Amazon allways have serviced me the best and I will buy from them for future purchases including the laptop my daughter needs.