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On 6/20/2014 Shopping_Mama said:

Marlea Lee: Am I missing something??? If Dawn is used on the cleanup of birds successfully, and it's used in washing our dishes which we stick our hands into (and so does my 85 yo MIL), then how exactly is this so harmful as shampoo if it's also getting rid of the flaking crustiness????? I don't get your objection.

I didn't understand her objection either, I found it a very helpful post.

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Thanks, OP. I am sure that is helpful to anyone with that problem.

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On 6/19/2014 ivey said:

I'm sure no harm was meant.

My SIL owns a very successful hair salon, and she once told me to use the blue (only the blue) Dawn dishwashing soap to tone down the brassiness that had come from my hair coloring. It worked.

Thank you for sharing this, ivey!

To the one that objects, if it's good enough for a trained professional to use in her salon then why not on nursing home patients that are having scalp problems that are making them uncomfortable?
I see it as a win win situation. Many products out on the market have multiple purposes. Dawn is obviously one of them.

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The BLUE is used by many with white vinegar and Avon Skin So Soft for. Fly spray mix for our well too.....
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Using dawn to shampoo pets seems to kill fleas. Who knew!

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yes! My vet confirmed that the blue Dawn is good at getting rid of fleas. Funny, they don't always like to tell you the cheaper options...{#emotions_dlg.sneaky}

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What's the bg deal? It's just a cleansing agent and so is shampoo. There is something to be said for using regular stuff instead of all the chemical junk that is prescribed.If it's safe fir birds it's fine for scalp.Its like soaking feet in gold listerine to help athletes foot.Some people just get all riled up and upset over anything. They are caring for these people's scalp.I think it's a GREAT tip.

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I knew of someone that had to have their legs amputated, they used this in the bathtub,to soak their stumps.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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I have used Dawn as a clarifying shampoo for years.

It is great for occassionally getting hairspray and product buildup out of the hair.

I think the OP is trying to HELP the people in the nursing home not hurt them.

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Since one of the posters was so outraged by this idea, I Googled it & found all kinds of alternative uses for the blue Dawn dish soap, including removing product build-up in hair. I'm going to try it. I don't think it's the least bit disrespectful to use blue Dawn on the nursing home residents' hair.

Thanks to the OP for the tip!