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I am the Nurse that brought the Dawn (blue) to your attention, first of all never in the world did I think that I would get some mean, inconsiderate remarks. First of all this had been researched because we had tried multiply different shampoos on these residents that were prescribed from dermatologist with no results. I had searched for other ideas that would be gentle, lovely scent with results. These residents aren't used as test animals, I am very offended, and yes the MD wrote orders to use this once a week to their hair. I cant believe making a recommendation make people seem how we are caring for our residents, as wrong and cruel, so to all of you that made it seem a crime or inhuman. I have been a nurse at my facility for 17 years and the residents are like my family and I would never do anything to harm them. I for one will never start a post because there are always malicious, hateful people, and I was just trying to share and I understand you don't know me, but this is very hurtful and for that I say shame on you. Sorry it to took so long to respond but I have been working overtime taking care of my family the residents.

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Good for you Sneef! I'm glad you stuck up for yourself and thank you for the job you do! I didn't post anything for a very long time. It took awhile to just consider the source and move on. Anyway, most people on this forum are great and the discussion you started turned out to be very helpful despite the few.

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On 6/21/2014 Rachelle said:

Well I know here in the Northeast,, these poor residents are lucky to get a shower/bath once a week... Maybe they would have crusty scalps if they were taken care of better. Using Dawn isn't that great an idea on elders.

You might want to do some research about that. The elderly tend to have extremely dry, delicate skin & too much soap & water makes it worse. Dermatologist recommend that they do not bathe every day for that reason. After all, for some of those folks who sit or lie in bed all day don't really do anything to get dirty/sweaty.

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Many many many thanks for the tips. I am not suffering but one of my neighbor is having trouble. Let me talk with them first. I'll be in touch

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I am the caregiver to my 94 year old mother. She gets the crusty patches on her scalp. I take her to the dermatologist so they can remove them for me. They tell me to just scrape them off, but when I tried to do that they began to bleed, so I'm afraid to do it myself.

I take my mother to the hairdresser every two weeks for a shampoo and set, but that doesn't prevent her from getting the crusty patches. I am so appreciative of your tip. I will put blue Dawn on my grocery list, and give it a try. I will also speak to my mother's hairdresser about using Dawn occasionally.

I hope you will reconsider not posting here again. Most of the comments were favorable, and appreciated your tip. Please don't allow a few comments to keep you from dispensing your important knowledge.

Thank you very much! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

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Sneef, you are a very caring nurse. Thanks for sharing your tips. Take a bow, you are a class act, indeed.

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sneff: As other posters have stated, you are a very caring nurse. It's hard not to be offended by the mean and nasty remarks of some, obviously, miserable people. Thank you for your tip and...just for the record "if one googles Dawn detergent for the scalp, you can see that doctors prescribe this for babies when they have cradle cap."

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I want to thank all of you that showed myself the support you gave after the few nasty ones on this thread. I have thought about it and I have decided I know my skills, professionalism as a nurse, and my desire to help others, so I will not be afraid to start new threads when something that will help others. I just have to remember to not take it to heart when there are crazy remarks and people that are just nasty in general, those I will ignore and if there is one person I can help each day, then I know I have done the right thing, God bless all you lovely people out there.

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I have a friend who even uses Dawn in the shower.........(likes the bubbles, too)

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You have helped me immensely! It is a real mean thing when our professionalism is used against us. I needed the name of something for a new shampoo (scalp won't tolerate others); our dishes have cloudiness right now; and our ""pipes"" need a good unclogging too! Thank you!
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